Saturday, February 2, 2013

Packing Course 101

Love this!!   It falls in the how not to pack category : )

As we continue to pack up our household in preparation for our move that is only 27 days away Kevin has been diligently studying the tips and online videos for the best way to make the most of our packing space and distributing the weight as we pack our moving containers.

We've decided to use a company called Pack Rat and their containers to carry the majority of our goods across country, and then we'll have a smaller trailer for packing the yard equipment and some tools that we really don't want to have in with our household goods. This we'll tow behind our truck as we take ourselves across the country.

While we both have been planning and then rethinking our plans, we've also continued to get the last of what has thankfully become a much shorter list of "to do" items done.  Kevin and Cameron made 2 more Goodwill drop off trips of useable things we don't need to take. They also made another trip to the metal recycling place yesterday and today will drop off a collection of old paints to the recycling collection center.

The biggest problem we've found lately is both our sleep patterns have been thrown off as we wake up thinking of what we need to add to our lists, or maybe a better way of packing something, or some other thing we hadn't planned for and on, and on..... 

I can relate!!!

It leaves us a bit frazzled with a recent lack of sleep, so we've found ourselves taking afternoon breaks and quick cat naps in order to keep on going.  Yesterday decided to treat ourselves to lunch from In-N-Out-Burger.  Yum!!   We all enjoyed it, despite it not being the healthiest lunch, just got to have those treats once in awhile.

It's been crazier around here with all the contractor activity.  I'll post their progress in another post.  It's been interesting seeing this work done on a home we've been in so long, but don't own anymore and won't be using these changes ourselves that they are making.  As I said interesting to see, but kind of wierd at the same time.  Have to admit all the people milling around and coming and going has restricted our activities outside, especially for our animals whose space has been severly reduced. 

I'd like to say I'm happily rolling with this privacy invasion and massive increase of stranger activity, but in reality I've found my attitude in serious need of adjustment.  I keep saying "only 4 more weeks"!!!!  So, I concentrate on what I can control - homeschool schedules and work, packing, preparing, cleaning and putting teaching materials on or soothing music to keep my sanity (smile)

We are making progress and the goal of Kevin's retirement and move to our new home looms ever closer. So there's much on the positive side to focus on and offset the temporary irritations we currently live with.  For that we continue to celebrate.



  1. Moving is always a bit of a hassle but I think In N Out burger would help me get things done! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Would you maybe want to follow each other?


    1. Nico,
      In N Out was a huge hit and break that we all enjoyed. Absolutely will check in on your doings via your blog and would be delighted to have you follow our "journey" too!!
      Sending a warm welcome to you from our whole family : )

  2. You will have peace and personal space again!