Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flooring Update

We're almost done, YAY!!!  Kevin's office now has the flooring down and what is left is trim, organizing furniture and decorative touches.  Here are some photos of the progress he's made .  I love the look of this new flooring over the old carpet.

As carpet is first removed in Kevin's office and he takes off the tack strips that held it.  Jake is checking out what he's doing.

Floor down on first half and furniture stacked on this side as Kevin works the other half.  Bear's got to check out the new flooring here and keep an eye on Kevin's progress.

Another look as flooring goes down

Time for the trim and moving furniture into place

The new fan and light in his office work so much better with our decor and having the fan has made this space far more comfortable for Kevin to work in his office.

Old light and Kevin installing the new one with fan.

Finished fan/light in place as we begin organizing his office

The hall is still in need of an area rug in this photo, but replacing the cracked old white tile and ugly entry light with the new flooring and lamp, made for a nice improvement.

Old light and tile as it's coming up, and now the new look

Just a few more pictures of the new look to our living areas and Kevin's office.

Had to throw this one in. Jake joining Kevin for a break after lunch

From living room to my work space and on left front entry

Kevin's office

Entry hall looking from Kevin's office
That's our progress for now.