Monday, March 28, 2011

New Name for Blog

Well we can not change the blog address, but we thought that we needed to update the header (title) for the blog as we completed the "journey" to Lauren Mei and have now transitioned into our new life together.

We thought it was appropriate to indicate that the little girl once known as Guang Mei in China is now becoming a new person as Lauren Mei in America.  She now lives in a family instead of an orphanage, she has her own room and is not sharing it with 20+ other children, she is learning English and it will become her primary language soon, of course we could go on but you get the point Lauren's entire life is changing.

Thank you all who are still following and praying for us, we appreciate the love and support!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Making strides!

Last night Amber and Eddie stopped over for dinner, their first time here as husband and wife.  While they were away on their honeymoon some cards and gifts were delivered here for them so they were able to open those up.

As for Lauren she continues to make strides in adapting to family life.  It may not seem like much to most people, but those who have adopted can relate to our joy this week as she learned to spend time alone entertaining herself in a positive manner.  She spent over an hour after breakfast in her own room playing with her Leapster and Legos.

At one point she hit her head against the door jamb - not sure if she was being clumsy or what happened as no one saw her do it only heard the bang and cries.  All was well and she only needed boo-boo bear from the freezer to keep her from getting a nice knot on her forehead!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

First the update on Lauren - we heard back from our doctor today that the ultra-sound taken last week on Lauren indicates that her kidney, bladder, etc all appear normal and working fine.  We will continue to work on keeping her immune system healthy and watching her nutrition.

Signs of spring in Southern California include not only flowers, but strange weather, and return of the ducks!  In March we can experience weather that is almost like having 4-seasons in one month.  Last week temps in the 80's and dry, this week rain, wind, cold (down to freezing here tonight).  However signs that spring is in the air include the flowers starting to bloom, the sweet smell of jasmine out front, and the return of the ducks.  In the back we have a pool that is a rockscape design and looks like a pond - and it is not just that we think it looks like a pond, a pair of ducks have visited us the last couple of years and last year actually built a nest and laid eggs while we had the pool down to repaint.  Along with the return of the ducks comes Cameron's job to try to scare them off so they nest someplace else. (photo of his duck blind is included) ; )

Cameron's Duck Blind and a picture of the pool from one of the last summers so you know what the ducks are interested in. Cameron had a hose hooked up and as soon as they would land in the water he would turn it on to scare them off.  (do not worry there is a large lake less than 1-mile away that they can find plenty of room to swim and nest).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bubbles & Giggles

This past week we had an appointment for Lauren to have an ultra-sound on her kidneys and bladder since she had a history of past kidney and UT infections. We should have the final results this next week and then determine if there is a need for additional evaluations or medical treatment. Lauren did well during the procedure, she did cry when we first put her on the table to lay down, however as soon as she realized there were no needle sticks or blood tests she calmed down and was fine.

Leaving the lab after the ultra-sound.

Now  - the bubble and giggles. This afternoon since is was such a beautiful day outside we had the girls in the front yard and used some of the left over bubbles from Amber and Eddie's wedding and filled up Hannah's Little Mermaid bubble machine and let them chase the bubbles around.  Both girls laughed and giggled and Lauren did her little scream that drives us crazy! : )

Using fountain grass for sword play.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Lauren turned 6-years old today, her first birthday with us, and with the exception of a cake at the orphanage in the past, this was the first time she received presents.  With all the recent celebrations and over-stimulation she has had we made this a low-key party.  After dinner we had some Disney Princess cupcakes and Lauren got to open our presents.  She loves singing "Happy Birthday" she already knew it pretty well since Hannah regularly had birthday parties for her "friends" (stuffed animals and dolls).


Cameron is not actually in any pain,
he was laughing.




Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some more pictures from the wedding.

Some more pictures from the wedding yesterday and a short video clip of Amber & Eddie doing a "Unity Sand" vase where they each have a different color and mix them together - never to be separate again.

Lynda ready to leave
to help Amber get ready.

Lynda and the girls ready to
start the Wedding Ceremony.

Kevin (Dad) with Amber after
the wedding.

Dancing with Grandpa. (Lynda's dad)

Eddie & Amber's car decorated by the bridal party.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is Official Amber & Eddie are now Married!

It all seems somewhat of a blur, all the months of coordinating and work came down to this day of celebration and now Amber and Eddie are husband & wife and getting ready to head off to Hawaii for a week.  It was a beautiful ceremony, Pastor Josh (Amber & Eddie's pastor) did a wonderful job and spoke beautifully about marriage. The day went by so quickly, the girls (Hannah & Lauren) did great and really did pay attention to the clip we played for them with the flower girls in "Father of the Bride".

Well we could write on and on about today but since it is getting late and we are all tired we just wanted to share some pictures from today.