Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time with Friends

This year 2013 is the Year of the Snake for the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Our friends the Hsu's, who own the property next to this one came down from Hollywood to visit with us once more before we move.  We always enjoy their company and decided to make it a celebration of the new year as well.

Wishes for happiness and prosperity

They brought Peking duck from their favorite little shop, and I had pot stickers, vegetable spring rolls, chicken won tons and fruit salad to go with this.  Everything was delicious and the company was wonderful.

At the end of our time it was hard to say good bye.  Debora was having a hard time smiling as she posed with the girls for me and was getting emotional at the farewell.  They have both decided they are coming to Florida to visit as soon as we are settled in, and knowing them and all the travelling they do, we know we will be welcoming them to our new home in the near future.

After our visit, it was time for us to get busy once more.  Pod 1 was picked up on Monday and Pod 2 left earlier this morning.  Our last pod is now in the process of being packed and so we began this final phase in earnest.  It's a bit trickier as the pieces left are odd shapes and sizes and there aren't as many boxes to stack for filling space.  So we're having to be a bit more creative in order to make sure things don't shift in the container.  We'll be searching the house, barn and property thouroughly to be sure we have everything we intend to take ready to go and get it into this last pod that is due to be picked up this Friday.

Pod 1 leaving

Pod 2 pick up

Then it's a week of camping out in this home,  Kevin's final week at MWD after 21 years there, preparing for our long journey and visits with family and friends before we leave ourselves.  Whew so much to still do, but it's getting so close now!!



  1. So much to do! Camping out should prove interesting! Praying all goes smoothly.

    1. Thanks Guerrina, we appreciate your prayers!!