Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving Day

Wow it's finally here, time to get in the vehicles and hit the road.  Everythings packed, finally, the route is set and off we go!!! 

Had a chance to say our farewells to family last night as Amber and Eddie put together a wonderful meal for all of us over at my brothers home.  My parents, my sister and her kids, Eddies sister and Karlas dad were all there.
Erika (Eddies sister) watching as Amber and Eddie make dinner
Hal (Karlas dad) with my mom, my sister Anna and my brother Roger

All the Grandkids for my parents

My brother Roger, his wife Karla and Son Roger, Jr.

My parents with my sister Anna and her daughter Clara and son Jared

My parents and their 3 kids

My family, too bad there were too many cameras and none of the shots on mine got all of us looking okay. This was the best

It was really enjoyable, but with all of us needing to be up early for our various schedules we made it an early night.  Once home we completed the majority of what we needed to do  and only had breakfast things to complete before it was time to take off on the first leg of our journey to Florida.

We plan to make about 500 miles a day, so our first stop will be just outside of Tucson, Arizona in a place called Benson.  Will try to post as we travel.  Can't believe this long awaited day is finally here!


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