Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Two Travel to Florida

We began our day bright and early 4:30am California time, 5:30am Arizona time.  We had a nice breakfast at their complimentary buffet, packed everything and everyone up and we were on our way.  It was COLD!!!!  The temperature sensor on my car read 27 degrees - BRRRR!!!!  Add the wind and we were anxiously waiting for the vehicles to heat up.

We made good time traveling, with stops mainly for gas and letting the dogs out to go to the bathroom.  We left Arizona, passed through New Mexico and entered Texas at El Paso.  With the exception of a couple larger cities most of the scenery was relatively flat and WIDE open.

Entering an area that was a bit more hilly

With the cold weather the girls were still bundled in their big coats, so at one stop I picked up some warmer tops that kept them warm with a lot less bulk.  The air was cold and dry and the static electricity literally had Lauren's hair standing straight out.  I didn't manage to get the picture of her when she was waiting to get in the truck and it was flying out in all directions around her head. You can get the idea from the shot I took once she was seated inside.

Girls in their new tops

Lauren's hair standing up from the static

We've stopped for the night in Fort Stockton, Tx and are staying at the La Quinta Inn.  It's a quaint little place that seems quiet enough for getting a decent nights sleep.  We'll be doing our usual getting up early tomorrow and continuing across Texas  travelling another 500 miles to Baytown, Tx where we'll stop tomorrow night.

The side our rooms are on

One of the rooms we're staying in

Are making good time and staying on the schedule we'd hoped to keep to.  Will post more as we go.



  1. good luck on your travels and please be safe!! Such a long journey for your family and loved ones. The puppy is adorable


  2. Thanks Nico, so far all has gone really well. Just tired of sitting and driving so much, but that's the price to get us all across the country to our destination : D
    Haven't had time to visit other blogs, hope all is well with you. Take care and thanks for stopping by and your warm wishes!!!!