Friday, February 8, 2013

Completions and Preps

Yesterday we completed our year's use of our annual Disney passes as we made our last trip while we are still here in So Cal.  Things are going to get very busy as we begin packing for real as the first two of our three pods arrived yesterday.

The first pod was delivered in the morning by a nice gentleman named Art.  Watching the process and the truck used to set it in place was really interesting.  Once set he was going to be getting a second that had arrived locally and was due to be picked up and then bring it here. We staid and watched the first delivered and signed paperwork, then got ourselves together to head to Disneyland.

Art strappin the pod in for lowering

Amazing stretch for setting the pod in place

Our first two pods ready for loading our stuff in

For some reason the parking structure was closed, so an alternate parking lot was used and our first line and ride of the day was for the bus to take us over to the park.

Waiting for the bus

The Lunar New Year Arch - Kung Hei Fat Choi

Our kids : )

Kevin as we head out at the end of the day

It was a cooler day, but the rain held off until late in the night.  The park wasn't too crowded so it made for a pleasant last visit. It felt good to get out and walk as we've been stuck inside the house a lot more than usual because of all the contractor activity around the house lately. 

We'll begin loading the pods today, despite having to contend with a very rainy and cold day.  So it was a good bye for now to a familiar hang out and we actively  move forward towards the future that awaits us.

So Long, thanks for all the memories!!!


  1. There is always the Disney World in Florida.

    1. We know and that's definately a part of our future plans, especially since it's only 45 minutes from our new home!! So as one door closes the next one opens : )