Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day Four - State Hopping to Florida

This mornings sunrise

Today we again started early by getting up at 5:30 am.  We're becoming pros at this getting ready, loading up the vehicles and getting on the road stuff!!  We are however really feeling all these days of driving.  Sore muscles, tired backsides, tummies that could deal with a bit less fast food and just ready to be done with all the driving.

Feeling a bit like this character : )

We began our morning in Baystown, Tx and finished crossing Texas to enter Louisiana, the State that desperately needs some highway upgrades and maintenance.  By far the worst roads we've had on this trip!!  After Louisiana we passed through Mississippi and then the very bottom edge of Alabama.  All 30 miles of being in that State, before we entered Florida!! 

We travelled on to Pensacola and arrived at our destination far earlier than we had originally expected to.  We're staying the night at the La Quinta Inn here in Pensacola.  We celebrated our early arrival by Kevin and I getting take out salads from the Denny's restaurant at the end of the parking lot and ordering Domino's Pizza delivered for the family.

Everyone has decided to head to bed early tonight, the girls have VOLUNTARILY put themselves to bed already!  I think they are really excited about tomorrow arriving and the prospect of seeing our new home.  I am too as I haven't actually seen it live and in person myself, only pictures.  Kevin and Cameron both assure me it's great since they were both there last August to see and work on it right after our purchase.  So this will be a new adventure for me as well as the girls.

We've managed to make it through in good time and with few real incidents, just a handful of truly ignorant drivers, mostly today, but that's part of such a long drive.  The weather has been good for us and today was  really beautiful.

So after about 7 hours of driving tomorrow we will arrive at our home in Deltona, Florida.  Am really excited, but find it hard to believe that the day is finally almost here.

Will post again once we are at our destination.


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