Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunroom Tree

As I said in my last post the decorating has begun.  Hannah and Kevin put the tree up in the sunroom and Kevin got the candle lights on it for me.

Sunroom tree with just lights - before

I've begun the decorating in this room and have some of the items up as well as the tree now decorated. What I am struggling with is how to take photos that show the results without washing them out or blurring the results with the amber glow of the flash.  I am not a photographer and have had mixed results with my point and click camera.  Thank goodness for digital that lets you take lots of practice shots without the expensive disappointments of the old fashioned cameras I grew up with.

So here are a few shots of some of the progress I've made.

Angel and fruit decorations
Heart I made, bead garland and other ornaments

Bead "snowflake"
My color mix in ornaments and garland for this tree

Sunroom tree decorated - after
With lights on and a few other decorations in the room
Miscellaneous ornaments

So there you have it.  Sunroom is on it's way and lots more still to go!  Just have to keep working on this picture thing : )



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let the Decorating Begin!

It's that time of year!!!  I do enjoy Christmas, and it's the one time of year when I will take the time to really decorate for a season.  So while the outside lights went up on Thanksgiving day, the indoor decorations are now beginning to come out.  My house is LOADED with plastic storage boxes from the garage and the basics are beginning to find their places.

Kevin and Hannah began in the front sunroom after we'd put up garlands and a few other items, they got the tree together.

It used to be Kevin's job to get the trees up and lights on then I took over decorating.  With big kids now we get to distribute those duties.  Cameron and Hannah put together the main tree.  And yes I use artificial ones.  No pine smell, but also no real pine incendiary dangers either.  Once the tree was in place, Kevin set to work putting the lights on.

Main tree assembly

Kevin sorting lights for placement

Hannah and Cameron did the small lights then Kevin placed the candle lights on

There we go, ready to decorate

With the basics there, it's now my turn.  I'll have some help from the kids on some things, but otherwise I enjoy going solo to let the creativity flow, and truth be told it's easier to do it myself  : )
I know that's mean, but true.  So as a consolation, each child has their own tree in their rooms and they get to decorate them as they like.

This year I'll have to rethink some aspects of what I'll put where, as we've sold or given away many pieces of furniture I'd used in the past to place items on.  I'll also use this time to go through our Christmas decorations and see what we can clear out to lighten our load when it comes time to move.

So for me now, as the title says "let the decorating begin"!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Time

Had a nice visit with family and extended family this weekend.  Total number with our family was 23 here for two days of visiting, eating and finding fun activities to pass the time. 
I had been cooking in preparation most of the week, so was greatly relieved when everything came off well, and we were able to enjoy our time together.

Dining room and a full crowd

Sunroom with extra table for meal seating and games
Just a few photos to share with you of people and activities this weekend.

My cousin James showing Lauren how to bowl on the Wii

James and Jessica's youngest son Tai

Hannah and Tai playing Wii baseball
My Uncle Bill with his grandkids, Tai and Brittany

Tai trying to coax a chicken to eat from his hand

Mika and Brittany feeding the chickens
Jessica fixing Lauren's hair
Hannah getting her hair done
Beautiful braid
Lauren's hair is so fine the "sprouts" work best

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I am an anti black friday non participant.  I HATE crowds so there is NO DEAL out there worth the hassel for me.  I did take advantage of some of the online sales thus labeled for this famous shopping day.  And will have these delivered to me, so yay, no crowds and still got some deals.  Love that!!

Yesterday was really nice.  Amber, Eddie and Eddies's sister Erika joined us for our Thanksgiving meal.  Went well, I'm happy to say.  All the effort in food prep was worth it. 

After our meal we had a great time visiting and then began our tradition of putting up the outside Christmas lights.  Of course this is after the obligatory nap or time of relaxing to deal with the full stomach and turkey lathargy.

Nap time for Bea and Kevin

Tech time with Ipads and phones for the younger set

Amber has to do the obligatory styling of Hannah's hair.  Always turns out so great - sadly this is not a skill mom's that good at : (

Then the "girls" all gathered much to Hannah and Lauren's delight to play Barbies in Hannah's room.

The guys got busy putting the lights up.

Then it was a game of Apples to Apples and some dessert.

Finally after viewing the light display it was time to call it a day and end a great Thanksgiving.

                                                           Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving  - Lynda        

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today after all the work of preparing the meal and our home, we'll sit down and enjoy the traditions we've set as a family for this day.   The turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry/orange relish and croissants will all be served.  This year there are 3 desserts to choose from and of course a nice cup of coffee to wash it down.

Then once our meal has settled to burn some of those delicious, but many calories we head out front and put up the first of our Christmas lights.  This marks for us the beginning of our holiday season.

It's some of the many blessings that I am truly thankful for on this day that we take time to thank the Lord for all He does and blesses us with.  For a healthy family that brings such fullness and joy, our home that shelters us and gives a comfortable environment to live in and enjoy.  The love we have for each other. 

We send our love and best to you all on this Thanksgiving day and throughout the year.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Lynda and the whole Carr family.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's that time of year when I become a lot more familiar with my local markets and their particular specials as I plan my lists for holiday meal shopping.  This year has included some extra prepping as
we have a lot of extra family coming to visit!  Thanksgiving day will be a smaller gathering of our family, Amber and Eddie and Eddie's sister Erika.

Then this weekend we'll be having a LOT more company as my parents and extended family members will be arriving to visit.  So with 21 mouths to feed my preparation list has been in the works for a couple weeks.  I've already cooked a full ham and a turkey.  We'll have our meal tomorrow for Thanksgiving, then on Friday I've been putting together some homemade soups, and for Saturdays lunch sandwiches from all the meat leftovers, along with side salads and finger foods.

For dinner it's a combined effort with my sister- in- law. I've made my basic meat spaghetti sauce and a vodka cream sauce to serve over the noodles.  Karla is bringing Pizza and garlic bread.  We'll have salad and a variety of desserts to choose from.

With all the kids that will be here, we'll have plenty of snacks and activities to keep them happy.  I've enlisted Cameron's help to set up the Wii with multi player games, and the girls are excited about more playmates to have fun with. 

It will be nice seeing everyone, for now I'm busy, busy, busy!!  Have a great day, it's time for me to get back to work.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Cameron

Today is Cameron's 19th birthday!!  I can't believe my "little guy", now towers over me and has grown to be such a fine young man.  I wrote last year when he turned 18 the story of how he came to be in our lives.  You can see that here, in the post "do you believe in miracles?"

He is a total gift from God to us and we have been blessed to be his family.  He's a smart, funny and talented guy who is a great older brother for his sisters who adore him and an incredible son.  I can write these without embarassing him, as he hasn't seen my post and that's just a mom's perogative right?

He's decided he wants to celebrate by going to Claimjumpers Restaurant for dinner this evening, then we'll head over to Amber and Eddie's new apartment to open gifts and have some cake.

So as we all celebrate Cameron's birthday and look forward to a fun day, I hope you all have a great day too.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adding Another Year

It's that time of year again, when I add another digit to my accumulation of them.  Seems they just roll around faster each time!!  My kids ask, " so do you feel older"?  Not really, until I look in the mirror and wonder who in the world is staring back at me.

So how to celebrate this day when there's so much to get done and everyone wants me to relax and enjoy my day.  Okay - get up early, as is my habit.  Spend some quiet time in prayer and the word.
Coffee, don't care if I have to fix this myself or not : )  Then take advantage of the offers to have Cameron guide the girls through schooling. Now with this added time off I ...

Visit Pinterest sites and find all kinds of great craft, decorating and recipe ideas.


Finally, getting around to a book I've had on my shelf for awhile.  There is More, by Randy Clark.
It's a shorter one and I've managed to get half way through already as I enjoy my day of leisure.

Blog Hop:

This is a way to pass time in a fun way and enjoy being lazy. I did get ambitious when I came across a tutorial on adding a signature to your posts.  After getting quite frustrated with trying to create one and do the HTML thing I finally just created  a signature on IPiccy and then pasted it as a picture on my blog.  We'll see how that works at the bottom this post.  Will have to try the other routes on a day I have more patience.

Finally, celebrate:

Amber and Eddie are coming over tonight to have dinner with us.  Something simple here at home that Kevin is putting together so I don't have to cook.  Cameron's birthday is Saturday and we had already decided to go out to dinner then, so I suggested we just combine the events in one night out instead of two.  They all still insisted we needed to do something tonight - so okay anything's fine with me if I don't need to cook it.  That's reason enough to celebrate.

Have a great day and I'll enjoy mine too.

Okay, needs some work.