Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Day Florida Bound

Amber and Eddie stopping by to say farewell

We were up at 5 and packing up the last of our things to get on the road.  We took a final look around the house to make sure we had everything, took some more pictures and then after Amber and Eddie stopped by on their way to church to say farewell, it was time to load up the passengers.
Animals first and then people:

Doc in his travel container ready to go

Bear and Nala set

Bea on her bed and Hannah and Lauren getting strapped in by Cameron

Once settled we were on our way with just a quick stop to add air to the tires and gas.  Gas was $4.57
in California, and our last stop before the hotel tonight was $3.59, almost a dollar a gallon difference!!  At least it's moving in the right direction price wise as we travel : )

One of several dust storms we encountered that rolled across the highway

Everyone travelled really well after some initial whining by a couple of the dogs, and we made great time.  It was really windy in several areas across the high desert in California and then later we encountered a couple dust storms, but nothing too significant in Arizona.

Entering Benson

Best Western There - Pet Friendly!!!

Kids room - Cameron, Hannah, Nala and Bear are in here

We are all settled in for the night now here in Benson, Arizona.  Everyone, including animals are exhausted and fast asleep despite it only being  9 pm.  Since we plan another early get up I'll add my pictures and get ready for bed myself. 

We're off to a great start and looking forward to the next few days going as well.  Good night for now.



  1. Hope you have reached by now. I guess not easy to travel so so far. Kids, pets, things etc. I love the family photos in your previous post. So you are leaving behind all family to go to Florida. Big move:0 You are brave.

    1. Thanks Paps, yes my family is in So Cal, but several members of Kevin's family live in close proximity to our new home, so we will know people locally. That's makes this kind of move easier.