Saturday, February 23, 2013

Countdown to Move - One More Day

Can't believe we've finally arrived at this point in time after all the months of planning and preparations!!  This is my last day of residency in Southern California (decided to word it this way as my last day of living in So Cal sounded too ominous).  Unlike the past few days that have bordered on the boring, today will be pretty packed full of activity.

We began our prepacking of the truck and car in preparation for Sunday's departure, only to find we were a bit ambitious with what was still left to take - uh oh.  So today we'll be making a couple more trips to Goodwill with items that just won't be making the Florida move with us. A bit disappointing, but with all that we've given away over the months it's become pretty easy to just say we can live without this.

We'll also be dropping off Hannah's Barbie Jeep at Goodwill as the people we had offered to give it to never quite got it together to pick up, which they insisted they wanted to do despite our having offered to deliver it weeks ago.  This one is a bit irritating, but I guess that's life.

Hannah spent the night last night with big sis Amber.  Originally Amber was going to take both girls, but with Lauren's tantrums due to all the upheaval in her world, we felt it best to just keep her routine as close to normal as possible for now.  Besides this will be a time for these two to enjoy time together.  Amber's an incredible big sister and Hannah has really missed her company since she moved out and then later married. 

This evening we go to my brother's home and will enjoy time with extended family as we spend our last night here.  The plan is to get up early in the morning to give our furry family members a chance to eat and do their business before packing them in for the drive as well.  Part of the reason we have less space for carrying stuff, is the space needed to take these extra family members.  That's 3 large dogs and a very old (17) cat, that are making the trip with us.  Bea our Bassett Hound will have her own seat in the truck by the girls.  Doc (the cat) will be in his carrier in the truck as well, and these are the arrangements we made in the back of the Vue for Nala and Bear:

Cameron and I will be up front and the dogs have the back area along with two fuzzy padded cushions we've added.

With all the padded seats and the furry cat bed, these guys will probably be more comfortable than us!!  : )

SOOOO,  now that the sun is coming up - let this day begin!


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