Sunday, February 17, 2013


I wrote in Friday's blog that Kevin and I were heading to San Bernadino to sign his retirement paperwork.  We had to be up early to drive out for our appointment.  Kevin had spent a good deal of time researching the various options and preparing his paperwork.  He had all the documents  together they required, so when we showed up for what we were told would take at least an hour to complete, it was a really pleasant surprise that because he'd been so thorough and had already emailed his paperwork, it only took 15 minutes to review everything sign and we were done!!!

So glad, especially since we hadn't had much to eat prior to our early morning departure and were both hungry.  We found a Mimi's Cafe just down the street and decided to stop there for brunch.
To celebrate this big event of Kevin's 50th and retirement we ordered a mimosa to go with our meal.
It was a nice time to sit and recount all the changes in our lives since he started at MWD almost 22 years ago.  Amazing how time flys by and all that has happened in our lives since then.

Then it was home to gather everything together we would pack into the last pod on Saturday.  Cameron went to the college group he's been attending for quite some time and they had a going away party for him.

On Saturday it was time to get serious about getting the last pod packed.  This one was A LOT trickier as so many items were odd shaped and didn't pack or stack together as neatly as the first and even the second did.  Still Kevin and Cameron did a great job of bracing everything to minimize shifting and potential damage to things.  It was an all day process on what turned out to be a beautiful, but warm day.

The girl's helped some, but mostly managed to stay out of  the way by picking flowers and creating mini bouquets.  Once everything was done we had to quickly get cleaned up and ready to go to dinner at Amber and Eddies.  I was so thankful not to have to cook at the end of this long and very busy day.

Packed full, strapped in and ready to go

We're done!!

Kevin and I - not the most flattering picture and definately ready for showers!

Dinner was great!! Amber has definitely grown in her cooking skills and it was all delicious. We enjoyed our time then went home and wound up calling it an early night as the days busyness had caught up with us. This last pod will be picked up Monday and then all our stuff will be on it's way to Florida waiting for us to arrive and have it delivered to our new home!!!!!

Our hosts for a great meal

Today with all the packing basically done we took the kids over to Metropolitan Water Districts properties for Kevin to give them a tour of where he's worked all these years.  It's actually been a long time since I was last there and so much has changed.  Will show photos and post about that tomorrow.  For now good evening - think it's going to be an early night again tonight as the craziness of these past few weeks has me tired. Thankfully things will settle down for a few days before we begin our cross country drive.


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