Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day Three Florida Road Trip

We started the day bright and early, 4:30 am I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  So at 5 everyone was up and preparing for the days travel.  Had a quick breakfast at the hotel, then headed out for the beginning of another long day of travel.  The moon was behind us and was full and gorgeous - unfortunately my official photographer, as I was busy driving, failed to get the picture of that.  He will remane nameless, uh hem Cameron (smile) .  He did manage to capture the intense sun we were heading into that really made seeing the road a challenge.

The view through the windshield, intense and hard to see!!

We made good time again as we drove through San Antonio and then onto Houston where due to rush hour traffic we were a little slow.  Arrived at Baytown, Texas around 5:30pm.  After making dinner from the supplies we brought, I bathed the girls and took a long hot shower myself to try to work the kink in my left shoulder out.  It got really sore late this afternoon after all the driving, so Kevin was sweet enough to stop into a store and pick me up some Icy Hot to rub onto it to try to help. The girls thought the stuff "smells great"!!

Cameron entertaining himself with music and a game on his I pad

Hotel for the night in Baytown

They busied themselves coloring and telling stories about their artwork until it was bedtime.  I have both in the room with me tonight along with Doc the cat.  Kevin and Cameron are sharing the other room with the 3 dogs.  Bea's been a bit out of sorts with all the travel and missing her buds, so we decided to switch the arrangements tonight to see how these would work.

Girls coloring and telling stories about their drawings - no lack of imagination here!!

We plan to be up early again tomorrow and finish the day in Pensacola, Florida.  The weather seems to be cooperating as the severe weather alerts have ended and the storm over that area yesterday has dissapated. YAY!!!!

I'll finish this up and get to bed early myself - so goodnight for now.


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