Friday, July 15, 2016

Scary Garden Visitor

Credit -File photo coral snake - I didn't have time to photograph the one I found

Yesterday after taking a bucket of old veggies out to the compost pile I went to rinse it out.  While I was hosing it down I spotted movement in the planter by the house.  It was a snake and it's colors immediately caused alarm as I've made a point of teaching the girls to beware of these as they work and play in the yard.   Now here was one so close and on the move next to the house and heading towards the dog yard.

I grabbed a shovel and went after it and when it tried to dig in under the mulch I quickly dug up the area and was able to pin it to the ground. Unfortunately the shovel was a dull, flat tipped one so I couldn't finish the snake off. I had my cell phone in my back pocket and called my son who because of the early hour was still asleep.  He quickly dressed and ran out with his machete to dispatch the snake for me.

My hero - Cameron didn't have time to completely dress in coming to my rescue.  Glad he was at home!!

I don't mind snakes that are good for the yard and keeping vermin down, but ones that have such lethal venom are not allowed to remain in an area where my kids, pets and myself are regularly so active.  The information on the Florida Wildlife Site describes the differences between the coral snakes and two others that mimic, but are not venomous.  While I gladly welcome non venomous snakes in my yard, I'm not so gracious with ones that can cause serious harm.

I do need to take my own advice though because my hoe had broken with the metal separating from the handle I had been hand clearing (minus gloves) this same area these past few days.  This served as a wake up call for me to exercise a bit more care now.  So while I still relish my garden and time in it, I will also be a bit more cautious before reaching hands in the midst of thick weeds or plantings. And it's time to buy a new hoe to help me with this!!

 So happy and safe gardening to all!!