Sunday, July 29, 2012

Master Bathroom Complete

Finally the painting, caulking, cleaning and replacing hardware are done, well almost.  We still have the shower door to put back up and then everything is back to working order.  Since the items that I've been featuring in my redo are done I thought I'd go ahead and share the results.

Sink area before

Sink area after

With counter finish and new accessories

The walls are painted and have a ragging technique done and the sink area had the faux granite finish applied.  I have to say I've been really happy with the results.  With all the coats of polyurethane the finish is really durable. We replaced the tile backsplash with a PVC board that Kevin cut to fit and then with caulk to fill the area between counter and walls, it frames the sink area beautifully

Kevin replaced the sink hardware as the old was past just being able to clean.  I've mentioned before that we are on a well and with the hard water it can really take a toll on finishes.  I went through several pumice stones getting sinks, shower, tub and toilet totally free of hard water deposits.  The effort was really worth the results though.

Kevin replacing faucets

Kevin's sink area

The tall linen closet was finished and only needed a couple coats of poly when I realized my plan to not use any hardware wouldn't work on these as the cabinet doors were seated so close together you couldn't really open them without some hardware.  So I picked up some at Lowes that did the trick and truthfully I think I like the look better.

Tub and linen cabinet before

Tub and linen cabinet after

We added new towel bars and a few accessories to the sink area to complete the look and make things really functional.  The whole room seems brighter to us.  It's amazing how you can live with things and just not notice how dingy they are until you take the time to make a change.



Toilet area after - no before picture

Now that this is done it's on to the next ones on my list. Just need to figure which one that will be : )

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Seven - Plus Some

It's a bit past the official day seven, but since the guys didn't get home until later last night it seemed pointless to try to post about their return when they weren't home yet!  : )  And by the time they did get home, it was a bit late for a post. SOOOO, now that life is returning to normal with all members of the family here I'll update.

Start of the day with guys home

The guys spent the day traveling yesterday and we will get a chance to see all the pictures they took of the new house and property today.  I got the base cabinet doors painted and up and like the tall cabinet I just need to add a coat of polyurethane to finish. 

Hannah and Lauren were in bed and fast asleep when Kevin and Cameron got home last night.  Then this morning much to my surprise Cameron was wide awake when I got up at 6 to feed the chickens and cats.  Then at 6:30 Hannah came running out to find dad and big bro.  I told her dad was still asleep, but Cameron was up.  She was thrilled.

Bea was so excited when they got home last night she was making noise that sounded like someone was hurting her the way she was barking and howling at the same time. 

Now that things are returning to normal I'll get my "honey do" list together so I can have Kevin, my honey, do all the necessary finishing touches to get the master bathroom completed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Six

Final full day for the guys out in Florida.  Kevin said they spent the day finishing up projects and cleaning up the house in preparation for their departure.  They leave tomorrow morning and will spend a good part of the day flying and spending a bit of time at the Atlanta airport before returning to California. 

I finished painting the doors for the tall linen cabinet.  I still need to put a good coat of polyurethane on to help protect the finish.  Will work to get the doors done for the sink cabinet tomorrow.  Once Kevin returns will get his help putting trim back up around the whole bathroom.  Getting closer to completion. He'll also put our shower door back on. He had dismantled it in order for us to really clean it.  Being on a well we have very hard water and over time the deposits had just built up to where regular cleaning wasn't working. By taking it apart we were able to really get it clean and to repaint with Rustoleum Silver Metal Paint in order to make it look like new again.

The girls have helped me spend time tending to my project by keeping themselves occupied and playing together.  Both are very excited about having Cameron and Kevin return.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Five

Kevin, Cameron and Patrick continue to make a lot of progress. Kevin emailed me a few pictures of their work.  All but the wallpaper on the really high spot of the kitchen is down.  Patrick fixed the valve on the hot water heater and miscellaneous other little things were done.

Kitchen area with wallpaper gone
Kevin scraping the last of the wallpaper in the bathroom
Patrick working on the water heater

Only a little more up high on the wall

Here I worked some more on painting the cabinet doors.  They still have a couple more coats to really be ready for the polyurethane. So no need for picture updates with these.

Amber came over tonight for dinner.  She brought with her the ceramic dog that  Hannah had painted when she stayed with Amber last Friday night.  They went to a place called the Painted Earth, where you can paint your item then leave it to be fired.  I have a few shots of their time together last week and then the finished product.

Ta Da finished doggie bank. Still have to choose a name

Maybe Rover,  Hannah said.

We all Facetimed with everyone at Grandma's house tonight.  It's always nice to see them as you talk and not to have to hand the phone around for your turn.


So for now it's time to relax and watch the DVD version of Puss'N'Boots.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Four

The guys continued with their progress in Florida taking down trees too close to the house foundation especially for the size they are and will get to be.  They also still continue to attack that wallpaper.

 Tonight they headed out for dinner at a favorite spot for Patrick, The Swamp House Grill. he goes to when he's in the area.  He was anxious to have Kevin and Cameron try out "Gator Bites".  Kind of like chicken nuggets except with gator meat.  So what did they think? Tastes like chicken only tougher : )

Menu listing

Today was not as productive for me as I spent time cleaning, sanding and putting a base coat on the cabinet doors.  I also needed to paint the screws along with the cabinet hardware, so I set them in some packing foam we had on hand to hold them while I spray painted them. Worked like a charm!

I then cleaned up and zipped out to the hardware store for a few items and decided while out I'd stop by Costco.  Monday afternoon at Costco with two little girls in tow, what was I thinking?  It was packed, but I was there so I was determined to finish my shopping.  I had both girls hang onto the handle to keep them close so they wouldn't get run over by some of the crazy, impatient people while I led pulling the basket around the store.  Think I bought a bit more than planned just to make the trip worthwhile and ensure I don't have to return soon.

Headed to the garden for watering once home and snapped a photo of the girls holding some of the gardens most recent bounty.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day Three and Layers

Kevin, Cameron and Patrick had a busy day removing layers of wallpaper out in Florida as well as doing a few yard tasks and minor repairs.  They also experienced their first thunder storm of the trip that sprung up suddenly, wet everything and then disappeared.  We could use some of that here!!

Cameron removing wallpaper end strip

Kevin in front of house

Patrick removing wallpaper in kitchen

On this coast I spent the day adding layers of paint to the counter top to try and get the look of stone I was looking for.  After my initial layers didn't really give the effect I wanted I found some rose and ochre colored glaze I had left from an old project and I added a touch of this to enhance the depth of color that it needed.

1st Layer

2cd Layer

2cd Layer closeup

I used a sea sponge to apply and blend in the colors.  Then used an almost dry brush to feather in lines of the base color to give the effect I've seen in samples of real granite I went online to look at.

3rd Layer

3rd Layer closeup

4th Layer
4th Layer and 1 Coat Polyurethane

And there you have it, faux granite.

The girls spent the day in various play activities, so it allowed me to get a lot done.  Just had to show the " Hannahstyle" fashion statement this morning. : )

Girls Playing

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Two

The second day of the guys being away is winding down.  It was a productive one for us on both coasts.  Patrick arrived in the wee hours of the morning, but was still up and ready to go before Cameron made it up!  They spent the day at the new house taking down wallpaper in the bathrooms and removing some overgrown or unwanted plants near the house.  Then took a refreshing dip to try out the pool.  Kevin forgot to bring the cable for downloading pictures to his mom's house so will have to do that tomorrow.  That's where they have WiFi service.

Pool shot we already had

For the girls and I it was a day of keeping busy. Lauren spent a bit more time by herself as she kept getting herself in trouble.  I think it's the only way she knows to express that her world has changed and she's not happy about this.  There tends to be a bit of regression in her behaviors when life throws her a curve.

Hannah spent a good part of the day painting a decorative bumble bee attached to a stick. She did a great job with it.

I moved on to the next phase of my painting.  I finished the walls complete with ragging.  Then sanded and cleaned the counter and cabinet faces with TSP, before painting with the primer.  I worked on this as I finished the last of the wall surfaces so I could let the initial coats of primer dry.  It takes 30 minutes to an hour to dry.  Once I had 3 coats on I am letting it sit until tomorrow as the various people I got info from online stated that drying time for the base was really important.

Counter surface before

Sink area with walls done and base primer

Walls behind tub and cabinet with base first primer coat

If it seems ready tomorrow I'll begin the base coats for the counter color and will start priming the doors.

Hoping to have pictures from Kevin to be able to share of their activities by tomorrows post.