Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Walking the Dogs

Starting out on our walk

Ever since my Uncle moved down here from Maryland with his dog Tarzan, we've looked for places that were dog friendly to walk or spend time.  We've had some nice visits at the Beach and tried various parks, but find ourselves regularly returning to Gemini Springs Park in DeBary to spend time at the dog park or walk around the various scenic pathways.

It's a large beautiful park and with a spring that gushes out millions of gallons of water a day the water in the lake is really clear and loaded with large fish and birds that all thrive in this serene environment.

As we headed over the second bridge on our walk my uncle spotted a small alligator chilling among the duck weed.

Though Bea's been blind since losing her battle with glaucoma, she's adjusted well and with a harness on is able to do a decent job in keeping up with these walks.  Today she was a bit tired and stopped several times before our water and snack break.

Hannah, Bill, Lauren, Jake and Tarzan checking out other sites in the water


Hannah and Lauren during our snack break

Lauren with the fishing pier in the background


After we had our brief break we walked across the largest of the bridges and began our trek back through the park towards the truck.

Looking from the main bridge towards the fishing pier

A couple of Ibis resting on the fence 

There are so many really nice sites to photograph and then the surprise of various birds and animals we meet up with on our walks.  It's a great way to start the day at least a couple times a week to get some exercise for ourselves and the dogs before the girls begin their school day and my uncle and Tarzan head home to take on more projects around their new house.

Jake's getting tired and ready to head home

An original barn and house in the park that now serves as the caretakers home and equipment area

Bea was tuckered out on the last part of the walk and Bill gave me a break from carrying her - spoiled dog!

Tarzan giving me a wary look since I'm walking him and not Bill

I took this side mirror reflection of a very tired Bea hanging her head out the window

 Have a great day!!