Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting the Animals Ready

As we prepare for our move something that has been really important is preparing our animals for this move too.  As I stated in a previous post we found a great home for our two younger cats.  Our older cat Doc is almost 17 years old and a grumpy guy set in his ways.  He is lovable when he wants to be. To prepare him for the move we bought a new carrier last night and a soft cat bed.

He loves the soft bed that I placed in the carrier to get him used to being in it.  He's in the laundry room right now as construction has started on the apartment the new owners are planning to have above the garage and I wanted to make sure he didn't get in the way or escape as the contractors go in and out.

Then our dogs needed grooming badly.  We bought a barrier to place between the back of the seats in the Vue for Nala and Bear to travel across country in the back of the car and to be sure they can't jump up front with Cameron or I. 

Bear After Grooming

Bear before

Nala Before
Nala After Grooming

Nala was 6 when rescued from a shelter, shortly after we got her we found the large cancerous tumor on her leg.  We were told she only had 3 to 6 months to live.  So I got her started on vitamins and healthy food and decided to make her as comfortable as we could for the time she had.  Guess it worked, that was over 4 years ago!!

Our basset hound Bea will ride in the truck with Kevin and the girls.  So now that we have our seating  assigned and the dogs are cleaned up and prepared for the move we are getting the chickens ready for their move to their new home. 

Bea just needed a good bath and will again before we travel

Kevin's going to miss his "girls" as they leave.  Having the chickens has been a real learning experience and a lot of fun.  It's also had the benefit of all the eggs they've provided us with.  Once we're settled in our new home that's something we'd like to do again is to have another flock.

So as we continue to get ready we are actively making plans for ALL the family members including the non human ones : )


  1. I love that you are planning for all of your pets! This can be so so important



  2. Thanks we love our animals and they're part of our family : )
    Glad you stopped by!!!

  3. Nala and Bear will be very happy with their new "do" in the southern humidity! Doc is adorable and Bea...do bassets ever look happy? She's so cute!

    1. Yes they will do much better without all the fur. Doc is a character and Bea knows how to use those eyes! She does "smile" when she's rolling on her back or getting her belly rubbed.