Monday, February 11, 2013

Let the Pod Packing Begin!!

As the title states our serious packing has started as we began to fill the pods.  It's like a big jigsaw puzzle as we carefully maneouver our possesions into position to fit as much in the space available as possible.  We packed and repacked to fill gaps and balance the weight distribution in the pods.

Pod 1 ready to pack

Cameron bringing boxes from the shed

Kevin and Cameron using the carry straps for furniture

Making progress

Pod 1 filled!!!

Thankfully the contractors took a weekend break so we were able to get a lot done without having to work around their vehicles or them as we moved our stuff from the house, the barn and the shed.

We had the shed filled with boxes and smaller items, the sunroom was becoming quite full and then some larger items in the barn and the furniture in the house.  We completely filled the first pod and it's ready for pick up and switching out with another pod today.

Sunroom full of things to pack

Shed was completely full, about 1/2 empty now

We've got the second pod about 2/3rds full and will keep working on this along with the 3rd pod this week.  So far we've made a lot of progress packing everything up and are on schedule to be done and move with time to spare cleaning up the house and living in a semi-camping mode the last week we're here.

Second Pod Started

We're also packing and planning our needs for our cross country drive to get the family and animals to our new home. 

Needless to say when evening arrives we're TIRED!!!!  It's been hard work with all the trips to get furniture and boxes in place.  Cameron and Kevin have done the majority of the heavy lifting.   And have done a great job as some of our pieces are really heavy.  Today we're off to another day of the same and hope to have this second pod filled and ready to go. 

This week our friends the Hsu's will stop by to visit before we move and on Friday Kevin celebrates his 50th birthday.  We plan to have a quiet low key time at home and then really celebrate with his family once we arrive in Florida.

Stay tuned for more - we have a lot on our list to complete before we bid California farewell.



  1. Oh, to be 50 again! Happy early birthday, Kevin!So much accomplished! What travel route are you taking over to FL? I'm guessing as southern as possible to avoid snow? :) First night back in my house after Nemo's arrival last Friday!

    1. Hi Guerrina,
      Wondered how you were doing with the crazy cold weather I see on the news. Glad you're back home. We're taking the 10 across, it's the most direct route.