Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun Weekend

This past weekend as our Nation remembered those who have served our country on Memorial Day, we were able to share our extended weekend with visiting family and some young men currently in school learning their various skills for service in the Navy.  Kevin's brother Brendan and his wife Amy came down from Pennsylvania for the weekend and to stay with Grandma and Poppie.  At the same time Patrick and Jennifer's son Daniel who is currently in the Navy and in classes for his position in the Nuclear field came with 3 friends and fellow students for some R and R.                    

Daniel and his Navy friends

Daniel on the far right, talking as we wait for lunch

On Saturday we all enjoyed a great BBQ hosted by Patrick and Jennifer and had a lot of fun visiting, swimming and eating on what turned out to be a beautiful day weather wise.  Kevin shared his old Navy stories as these young guys seemed to be an interested audience, since they are preparing for their careers and adventures that will come in time for them too.

Kevin sharing his Navy stories with the guys

The girls swam and enjoyed themselves, especially when Uncle Pat joined them.

Then it was time for the girls to get out and eat and the guys to have a lively game of volleyball. Lots of fun!!!

Sunday Cameron graciously watched the girls for us so Kevin and I could join Patrick, Jennifer and the guys, along with Brendan and Amy for an evening at a VERY crowded downtown Disney.  After finally finding a parking space we walked for a bit then headed to Ghiradelli's for some ice cream. Kevin and I split a hot fudge sundae served in a sugar waffle cone coated with a dark chocolate. Really good!!

Sunset over water by Downtown Disney

Balloon ride there

Patrick and Jennifer waiting for our desserts

Hot fudge sundae- YUM!!!

Brendan and Amy

After our desserts we walked it off by looking at the shops and stopping for the various musicians performing around the area.  This included Dominic Gaudious and his didgeridoo.  He is a talented musician and really plays to those who gather around to listen, so it makes it so much fun to watch the crowd as you listen.  After several hours it was time to say goodnight and head home. 
It was a great weekend and a nice break from all the current project activities we've been busy with.

Dominic performing

Kevin, Patrick and Brendan

Hope you all had a good one too!!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Shed Progress Continues

The guys have really outdone themselves making significant progress on Cameron's room.  They framed out the space for the bathroom and closet area and installed the pocket door for the bathroom.
That space saver helps not to have to allow for the area a swinging door would need on either side just to open and close.  The closet door will have a bi fold mirrored door, so this too will require less area needed to be able to access the closet and the mirror will serve it's obvious purpose as well as be able to reflect more light in the room.  They have arranged and rearranged the configuration of this space as they've installed everything in order to maximize the usefulness of every inch of space there is in this compact building.

Pocket door frame for bathroom

Bathroom space on right and closet area on left

View into bathroom and corner shower area

Drywall going up

Cam in his space

View of area from front door

Once the framing was done, the drywall went up on walls and ceiling, then it was time to tape and spackle the seams. Patrick demonstrated his proficiency at this and finished it in record time.

Patrick spackling side wall

Closet area

Bathroom area with drywall and spackling

Work began Tuesday and at the same time they were working I had a pet grooming service come over to groom Bear.  She had a completely self contained and air conditioned unit and in he went all shaggy and smelly and then emerged clean, cut and smelling good.  I'm sure with the heat we've had he feels much better with his fur trimmed.  I have appointments for Bea and Nala next week.

Bear before - shaggy and desperately in need of a bath!!

Bear after - looks happy doesn't he?

On Wednesday we took a break from the projects to head to Disney Animal Kingdom.  Grandma had decided to upgrade the short term pass she'd received for Mother's Day into an annual pass.  This needed to be done at Guest Relations at a park so we all decided to enjoy the day there.  With the weather threatening rain we took our rain ponchos and jackets.  For most of the day it was only cloudy and the beauty of that is more animals were out where they could be seen since the sun wasn't forcing them to find shade, so we all enjoyed seeing many that we had only had glimpses of in past visits.  This included the tigers and kimodo dragon along the Maharajah's Trail.   We walked, rode on rides, ate and watched The Lion King show and were watching the bird show Flights of Wonder when loud thunder began and with the threat of lightning and rain they needed to cancel because of all the equipment that could be negatively affected.  The skies had grown quite dark and we decided it was time to head out.  Just in time too, once we were on the road the skies opened up and just poured!!

Grandma with girls on Kilamanjaro Safari ride

Pat and Jen with the girls
Kimodo Dragon

Tiger - just beautiful!!

Lauren and Hannah

Storm moving in

Rain just pouring

Yesterday it was back to work and that's when they finished the drywall and got the room spackled. It is fun watching this come together.  As I headed out to take pictures of their progress I noticed my mulch pushed back near the sidewalk and sand flying out.  I had seen places where this had been done before, but finally got to see what was doing this.  This little lizard was making a place to lay her eggs and she just stayed there and stared long enough for me to get a picture. 

Our day is about to begin so I need to get busy.  Have a good day!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Belated Updates

Sorry I've fallen behind with my updates on our work progress.  Friday and Saturday were busy days for us getting work done on the shed/Cameron's room and around the house and yard. Now that the trenching and laying water, sewer and electric lines are done the interior work has begun.  The water lines are laid out for the shower and sink.  The electric lines and outlets are in place.

Wiring going up for the electric and Patrick is installing the water lines for the shower.

Cameron's shower in a box
Insulation and wiring

The vent and light combo are installed for the bathroom area and the exterior light that matches the one by the front door is up.

Vent fan and light box in place inside

Exterior view of vent
Kevin installing exterior light

Today the drywall has begun to go up and as I type this post they are about 3/4 of the way finished with all of this, including the waterproof backing for behind the shower stall area.

Shower backer board and drywall going up

The three guys, Kevin, Patrick and Cameron are really making headway on this in a
 truly impressive manor.  At this rate Cameron's going to be enjoying his room within a short period of time.  It's pouring rain right now, but they are completely dry inside their workspace so it's not slowing them down.



This past weekend the girls continued to work on their bike riding skills while I got more plants in the ground and mulch to cover them as I did so.  After working on Saturday we finished our day by taking food to be grilled over at Pat and Jen's where Grandma was able to join us for the steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and salad.  Sunday with the exception of  Kevin and Patrick making a run to Lowes to stock up on needed building materials we relaxed after church and planned to start early today.  It's fun to see this coming together and as it does to begin to plan for flooring and paint color.  Will continue to post as we make progress.

So long for now, Lynda