Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chickens, Snakes, & Pears!

What do they have in common - absolutely nothing!

Well that's not true yesterday when Kevin, Cameron, and Hannah went to feed the chickens eagle eye Cameron once again spotted a rattle snake coiled under some wood scraps we had stacked near the coop.

After that exciting experience we realized that the chicken's were getting too big for their small pen and we needed to do something quickly to expand their range. We have been working on some of cross fencing and making a larger protected area for the chickens, however it will take a few more weeks to have it so they can be protected from the hawks, owls, and the golden eagle that live near by.

Finally, pears - our pear tree which was grafted for three kinds of pears is producing well this year, more fresh fruit for the family and scraps for the chickens and compost pile!

Here is the expansion for the chicken run, we used scrap material again since this is temporary or if we need can be used as a chicken tractor to move the chickens around the property while keeping them protected.

Some of the pears we got yesterday, still more on the tree!

Random photos from yesterday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greenhouse Treasures and Swimming

Today Cameron had his friend Destiny over for lunch and to go swimming in the pool.  Hannah was so happy to have someone else to race the length of the pool!  Lauren was not feeling too well today and has been having a difficult week with getting herself into trouble, I know we have mentioned it before but it is hard to think of her as a 6-year old since she still has the coordination and many cognitive skills of just a 3 year old.  It will take time, she has already shown such progress and next year all her struggles learning a new language and adjusting to family life will all be a blur.

Our melons and plants in the greenhouse are really taking off, we are loving this years harvest of fruits and vegetables it is so nice to have them fresh with each meal!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week In Review

This was another busy week for us starting with Lauren getting a hair cut on Tuesday and visiting with some friends. Lauren's hair is finally getting thicker and she is happy not to have the short hair cuts she used to get in the orphanage.

Friday we went to the Social Security office to file for Lauren's card, it was supposed to be sent automatically with the forms we filed with the State Department when we arrived back in the States.  Since the card never arrived we needed to take all of her paperwork and just like with Hannah and many other adoptive families we know the system does not seem to work as they say.

While everyone was waiting for Kevin to finish the paperwork for the SS card Lynda and kids enjoyed a Taco Bell lunch in the truck!  After the Social Security office we all drove up the freeway to Rancho Cucamonga to pick up some emergency food supplies from the Honeyville Store before heading back home.  (if anyone is interested they do have some other retail stores and a website =  )

Tomorrow we start work on some cross fencing in the back to allow the chickens to be a little more "free-range" during the daylight hours.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cameron's Home & Sunday Worship!

Last night Amber & Eddie brought Cameron home after his two week stay with his grand-parents (Lynda's Parents). He had a fun time and was able to spend one of his weeks helping out their church by running the sound equipment during their Vacation Bible School (VBS). Of course Cam's new puppy Bea missed him and was so happy to greet him when he walked in the door.

Cam hamming it up with his puppy!
Today (Sunday) Kevin re-joined our church's worship team for the first time since last October, he took time off as we prepared for our travel to China, our almost 3-week China trip, school, projects, and letting his wrist heal from an old injury that flared up. (Kev did play drums for Cam's  piano teachers church on Easter and one other week - but each time he did his wrist would swell and hurt for the following week)

Cameron joined the family for our first service before heading over to the church he attends where Eddie is the worship leader.

Practicing before the first service starts.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mid-Summer Harvest

Not much going on, we experienced some cooler weather this last week with a heavy marine layer (mist/fog) early mornings.  Cameron comes home tonight after his two week stay with Lynda's parents. Hannah and Bea are looking forward to it.  Lauren knows Cameron is away but we think because she saw children come and go from the orphanage that it is no big deal to her.

Our grapes are really producing, we have been harvesting off the vines in the back near the pool area and soon should start getting grapes from the vines in the front yard.  We have picked a bunch of peaches and are looking forward to more and soon pears and figs!

With the hotter weather we experienced last week some of our heat loving plants are really blooming, here are some photos of the harvest, soon to be harvest and flowers in the gardens.

Peaches and Grapes harvested from the backyard.

Fig Tree & Grape vines.

Bougainvillea, Agapanthus, and hens & chicks blooming.

A dragon-fly landed on the Vue's antenna and would fly around and land again. Lynda captured some photos of it landing and flying around.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Today we spent some time with friends from church who used to be missionaries in Papua New Guinea (Kurt, Melinda, Nadia, & Bella). The girls loved having some friends over to swim and play with and we (Kevin & Lynda) enjoyed the adult conversations and friendship.

BBQ of burgers, bratwurst, and fresh grapes from one of our vines and peaches from one of our trees!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July & 6-months with Lauren

Well we celebrated the 4th by taking it easy around the house and later in the evening Amber and Eddie came over for the firework show which went off after the local minor league baseball game ended.  (The Diamond Stadium is just a little over a mile away and we have a clear view since we leave on the side of the hills across the freeway)

On the 4th we also marked 6-months since our "Gotcha-Day" with Lauren.  At times it is hard to believe it has been 6-months and other times it seems so much longer.  Lauren continues to adjust to her new family, home, language, and food.  (we are continuing to adjust to the change in life having Lauren in the family).

Kevin did not do much on the 4th as he somehow injured his back and was not feeling well as a result, so Hannah had to wait until after Amber and Eddie came over to swim, which was a little too late for Lauren.

Here are some photos from the 4th - the fireworks pictures are not the best but we'll post them since we took them!

Bea still waits for her boy to return home.