Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates and Changes

Wow so much is going on and it's all exciting and a tad bit nerve racking at the same time!!!   Okay first things first before the finale with our biggest change saved for last.  It's like all those shows these days that build suspense for some dramatic announcement at the end, even the evening news has taken to using these teasers.

First changes are depersonalizing (don't know that's a real word, but hey you get the idea) the girls rooms.  While I don't plan to repaint, new owners can do that, I have taken down the Princess wall stickers in Hannah's room and the Sweet Dreams and Butterflies in Lauren's.  Thankfully the stickers proved as advertised "easily removable".  Had to do some reassuring we could get new ones for their rooms in Florida and I'd paint the walls in the colors of their choice.  This made the process less dramatic for both.

Hannah has also agreed to give her Barbie Jeep to a family that have a little girl who would be the perfect age and size to enjoy it.  We don't have room for packing it and truthfully both our girls are getting too big for it.  You can see in the photos Hannah's knees barely fit inside as she tears around the driveway for a last spin in the Jeep with Lauren her faithful companion and passenger.

As promised some photos of the changes to the top of the barn.  The first is looking towards the front window as they are framing out a bathroom on the left and a bedroom to the right.

Second is toward the back where the stairs come up and I'm not sure if they've planned for a kitchenette and living space as discussed earlier or where they are with their plans now, but here's a view of this end of the upstairs space in the barn.

Next, the chickens head out to their new home.  Don, a gentleman Kevin works with, came by to pick up "the girls" on Saturday.  Kevin had built a carrier for them and it worked like a charm.  Catching them to get into the carrier was a whole different story!!  It took Kevin, Cameron and I and some creative corralling and team work to get them gathered and in without injuries.  Despite having a good amount of space they all huddled together in one corner to protect and comfort each other.

So long girls, thanks for all the eggs

They are going to join another small flock and it is nice they have each other as they are their own flock, and it is true "birds of a feather flock together", they do take care of each other.

Finally, the grand finale -  drum roll please - we are moving a week earlier, YAY!!!!!
As we went over our packing needs we decided rather than the trailer we'd tow behind the truck, it was more practical to order a third pod for just a little more expense than the trailer.  It gives us a lot more space, we don't have the hassle of towing something behind the truck, and as we worked with a wonderful lady named Monica at Pack Rat to coordinate the pods deliveries and pick ups, we realized we could actually leave a week sooner!!  SOOOOOO, barring any further changes that's now our plan. 

It's exciting, but makes these final days busy ones as we get everything done we need to for this move. Since I'm up early and posting this now at 5 AM, I'm off to begin on todays list of activities. Have a good one and check back in as we continue our countdown to Florida.



  1. Hi Lynda,
    Looks like you are very busy preparing for your move. I can relate as we have done this so many times.
    Love all your pics and the feathered girls look so beautiful. I hope they love their new home.
    Your girls look so cute taking a last ride in their little barbie jeep. My how fast they grow and how special they will give their joy to another to have fun.

    Don't work too hard getting ready. I know it is a lot to do. Sending prayers your way for all to go smoothly.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I am doing a bit better but have pleurisy now so it will take a bit longer to recover.
    Have a great week.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Celestina,
      Thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers - much appreciated.
      Glad you're feeling better and praying you'll be 100% very soon. Thank you I will have a great week and you have one too.

  2. Wow so all ready to go. In your earlier post I realize you have small farm. So many animals!!!

    1. I guess we did have a farm of sorts : ) Getting ready to go, and getting very anxious now to make the transition to our new home!!

  3. Loving that the ladies got to travel together! THey are so so cute! And yay for moving earlier! I have moved SO SO many times. Im just a single person but moving is still hard! I love seeing your adventures! Would you perhaps like to stay in touch and follow each other?


    1. Thanks Nico glad you like the adventures. Seems it's really just beginning as we move into a whole new phase of our lives. Thanks for joining to follow, I have done the same on your blog and will check in to see what's happening in your corner of the world : )