Friday, February 22, 2013

The Countdown Continues

Two more days before our move!!!  Amazing.  Life has been such a whirlwind of activity for so long that the past couple of days since our final pod left have seemed to drag because other than cleaning up the house and organizing the last of our items for the trip there hasn't been this rush to get stuff done.

We're filling the time with schoolwork , cleaning, dental appointments and the like.  Kevin completed our tax paperwork for family and his business and so we wait.  The TV's are packed and on their way so we've used the few online streaming news sources to stay up to date with what's happening in the world.  I kept out a collection of DVD's for the girls primarily to watch in the truck on the cross country trip, but have some we've put on my computer to watch as a family during this time.

Have finally had time to devote to a couple of books I've been meaning to read, but in truth it's all just to pass the time until we leave.

It will especially be good for the girls once we are on the road.  Though they've been a part of this whole move from initial planning to seeing all the details play out, they really don't have a clear understanding based on experience.  And the experience they do have, especially for Lauren is that I lose everything that is familiar and gave me some security.  As a result we've been dealing with behaviors that range from Hannah's moodiness and following us around like a lost puppydog, to Lauren returning to the tantrums she displayed when she first arrived from China.  Regression with behaviors is quite common in situations like this and even though Kevin and I understand the whys, it doesn't make living with it any easier.  So as we deal with these, we anticipate that when the activity of actually being on the way arrives and they are still with us and experiencing new sights and sounds with their family still there, life will settle into a new normal.  Even the dogs. all of whom are rescue dogs have been displaying their abandonment issues as the furniture has dissappeared and their routines have been thrown into such dissarray.  Cameron understands far better, but he's had his ups and downs as he says farewell to friends - SOOOOOO, needless to say I am looking forward to being on the way and past this limbo stage we are currently in.

One event that is still to come that I'm looking forward to is the family farewell gathering, Amber is having for us at my brother and sister-in-laws home on Saturday.  It will be a chance to spend some time with family before we leave early on Sunday morning.

I've been trying to take a lot of pictures to document all the changes to home and property we've made since we've been here for my photo albums.  I'll show some of the progress to the barn being made by the new owners in my next post.

In the meantime our travel route is mapped, we've booked our first two hotel stops and the last of our Goodwill dropoffs and the like will be completed in the last remaining days.  Supplies of food and water for the family and the animals are purchased and organized and so we're ready.  At least I believe we are  : )



  1. Hi Lynda,

    First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit!

    And Wow! How exciting to be starting a new chapter in your lives! We're still a few years away from that chapter, but it's exciting to think about! So where are you moving? It must be a long ways! :)

    You have a beautiful family!


    1. Tammy - Thank you for the compliment and yes it is exciting! We're headed to Central Florida, Deltona to be specific, on the grand scheme that makes us practically neighbors : )
      I had to comment on your blog when I saw that adorable video you posted of the little girls version of the story of Jonah - so cute.