Friday, March 1, 2013

Florida We Are Here!!!

We made it!!!  Finally no more early morning get ups and driving for miles and hours on end.  Can not begin to tell you what a relief that is!!  All in all we were blessed on this trip.  We made really good time, had no real incidents and all our travelers, including all our 4 legged ones faired really well.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and headed first to check out our new home. It was really exciting to finally see in person what I've only seen in pictures for months.  Admittedly there's a lot of work that will need to be done to make changes and updates that are needed or just desired for our uses, but since Kevin and I love doing this I see opportunity!!! (big smile)

The kids and dogs bailed out of the car and truck with great excitement and ran all over the large grassy front yard.  Hannah and Lauren were particularly excited that you could run and not have to worry about a fall on the cement hard dirt we had at our California home.  For Lauren who still has balance issues this will be particularly helpful in building her stamina and muscle strength.  The two girls ran out and jumped up and down yelling "we're home"!!!  For both who had been riding an emotional roller coaster as we prepared to move from the only real home either had known it was particularly comforting to be together as a family at a place they could see, touch and experience first hand.  Their faces and reactions speak what words can't really describe well.

The Street our house is on and our property on the left

Our new house

Welcome Balloons
Bea rolling in living room

Hannah's new room

After checking out our house we headed to Kevin's brothers place where he has graciously invited us to stay as we wait for our pods to arrive and set up our home with new appliances and the basics we'll need to settle into our new life here in Florida.

Grandma and Grandpa arrived with the key to let us in and Lauren was able to meet them for the first time and Hannah to see them again as it's been 5 years since we visited them in Pennsylvania.  They made the move to Florida almost a year ago.  Unfortunately I only managed to snap off 1 picture before I got so busy talking I failed to capture the moment, oops.

Grandma provided dinner for us last night.  It was great to be able to sit and leisurly enjoy a nice meal.  Both Grandma and Grandpa have volunteered to watch the girls as we busy ourselves settling in.  I know this will be a real treat to have this support as we have a lot to do to get resettled.

Will continue our updates as we progress.


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