Saturday, January 8, 2011

Walkabout & Concert in the Park

Took a walk around some of the Island today and saw some locals practicing with traditional Chinese musical instruments.  We attached a small video clip, being a percussionist (Kevin) I had to capture the enthusiasm of the percussionist here (okay for those who do not know me - I am being slightly sarcastic).

There must have been some photography classes visiting as there were at least 2-large bus loads of camera packing students attacking the island along with some "models" in-training. The girls must have been seeing too many models posing as you can see from the photo they posed for in front of a fountain.

There are also some pictures of the view from the room at night.  There are lasers, decorated boats, and buildings all along the river banks.

Tomorrow we are heading out in the morning to visit the Six Banyan Temple with our group (all 8 of us).

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