Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping District, Pet Market, Medicine Market & Nap Time

Started the day with a visit to the clinic to have Lauren's TB test verified, all was good and we were in and out in less than 5-minutes.

After returning to the Hotel we met up with the Boothby Family and our guide John took us to the Shopping District via the hotel shuttle.  We had a walk around the main street, coffee at McDonalds and then walked back to the hotel via the Pet Market and Medicine Market.  (you will enjoy those photos!)

When we got back it was nap time (Lynda woke up first so there is no picture of her napping).

Can not remember the name - our guide
told us this character is the Chinese
New Year equivalent to Santa Claus.
He gives money to the children.

Medicine Market:

 Medicine Market.

Dried Herbs at the Medicine
Dried Frogs, anyone?

If you don't like frogs, how about some
nice dried snake?

Or maybe dried seahorse?

Something for everyone - lizard on a stick!

One of those stand where if you don't find
it here, then you don't need it.

Now the Pet Market:

Turtles & Rodents.


            Cameron is just a little taller than most people here!
Kevin, Hannah, & the Boothby's
(Rebecca is asleep under the blanket.


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