Tuesday, January 11, 2011

US Consulate Appointment

This afternoon we took the group oath at the US Consulate with 9 other adopting families. Following the oath we signed the oath on the visa application that we submitted to the Consulate back in November. Lauren's visa will be issued on Thursday afternoon and our guide John will pick it up and bring it to us along with her immigration package which we need to hand in when we go through the immigration check at LAX on our return to the US.  Lauren will officially become a US Citizen following our return to the US.

Lauren & Hannah - Lobby for Consulate Office

Lauren after the Consulate Appointment
with her Big Brother (she really likes him)!


  1. Love the pic with Big Brother! Blessings

  2. Thanks Debbie - she did not want anything to do with Cameron at first and in just the last two days loves being picked up and held by him. I think since he is so tall it actually scared her at first.

  3. Kevin! How come you didn't tell anybody about accidentally going into the Ladies room??

  4. Max - what makes you think it was an accident? : ) I did avert my eyes and never made it past the threshold!