Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leaving Shanghai & Thoughts and Images

Sitting in the room making sure that we have everything packed and ready to be picked up for our trip to the airport.  We will be leaving in just about 3-hours for Guangzhou.  Lauren and Hannah continue to adjust to one another, we knew this would be difficult for both of them as Lauren would not be used to just a single child being around and Hannah would not be used to having someone else vying for mom & dad's attention.  The two have done well, Hannah is still battling her sinus cold and took a nap yesterday afternoon, as she was sleeping Lauren placed her Kai-Lan doll in bed next to her and covered her up.

Just wanted to include some random images from our tours and travels here in Shanghai.

Two of the staff at the 26th floor lounge,
they were so helpful and were telling us
Lauren was telling them about her family
especially her Mama who she is proud of .

Yummy food in the market.

Chick on a Stick!

Look closely you will see the dragon
scroll in his mouth! ; )

Ming - our guide in Shanghai

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