Friday, January 7, 2011

Arrived Guangzhou

Today was Lauren's first flight, we could tell she was nervous but once off the ground she did just fine.  When we arrived in Guangzhou our guide John told us that Guangzhou is experiencing the coldest temperatures they have had in more than 35 years - I guess that is our luck for this trip, record cold!

We are now at the famous White Swan Hotel, we have a great view of the river (Pearl River) and will have to take some pictures and post them as it is quite beautiful at night. Tomorrow morning we will take Lauren for her medical exam and TB test. (these are required for the US Visa).  Cameron and Hannah will hang out in the room as there is no way of knowing how crowded it will be and how long it will take (could be 1/2 hour could be 2 hours).

We will post more tomorrow, here are a few pictures from today:

Lauren sleeping on drive to
Shanghai Airport.

Waiting at Shanghai Airport - trying
to get smiles from the kids.
This is what we got for smiles?!?

Lauren looking nervous before take off.

Our seasoned world traveler - ready for
take off!

Lauren as plane is accelerating.
Right after we got off the ground.

Engrossed in a movie (what could it be?)

She's watching the Pleasant Goat!
(an "interesting" Chinese Children's Cartoon)

The girls in the room waiting for Dad
and Cameron to return with dinner.
(spicy beef soup)

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  1. Love the pics! Airplane rides are really scary for the first time, I remember mine, and I was an adult! She did a really good job. Blessings