Monday, January 3, 2011

Bund, Nanjing Road, Room View

Passing the time until tomorrow when we finally get the chance to meet Lauren for the first time.  We are due to leave tomorrow morning around 9:30 (5:30 in the evening Pacific Time) to go to the Civil Affairs office to pick up Lauren.  We will have her for 24-hours then return to complete the adoption paperwork.  Today we went to the Bund along the river, then to Nanjing Road a pedestrian shopping mall, and then just hung out in the room and in the lounge.

You are all probably getting bored just seeing our sightseeing photos, but the moment we have all been praying and waiting for is tomorrow!  We will be sure to post photos as soon as possible and do some video chats on Skype and iChat!!!

Cameron & Hannah Bund (TV Tower in Background)

Skyline across the Huangpu River (which is the last large tributary to the Yangtze River before the Pacific)

Buildings along the Bund
Clock Tower at Bund

Nanjing Road
Dancers - Nanjing Road

Photos of our Room and the View during the day:

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