Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lauren is Officially a Carr!

Today we completed the adoption paperwork at the Civil Affairs Office and were presented the adoption decree, we then went to the Notary's office to have the paperwork officially sealed so we can get Lauren's Chinese passport.

Things are going well, Lauren seemed a little afraid when we first got back in the van and left the hotel until our guide explained to her where we were going and she would return later with us.

Tomorrow we will go out and tour some areas around Shanghai and we will be leaving around lunch on Friday (a much earlier flight then what was originally on the schedule - which is good since we have to be up early on Saturday for Lauren's medical exam and TB test).

Here are some photos from today:

Hannah & Lauren waiting to leave.

Civil Affairs Office
Signing Adoption Paperwork

Lauren Fingerprint.

Presentation of Adoption Decree.

On ride to Notary

5-minutes later.

Fresh Eel in Carrefour Market.
(this is for the kids)

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  1. Congratulations Carr Family!! Lauren is beautiful and looks so happy. It is exciting to see her with her forever family.