Friday, January 7, 2011

Medical Exam; Fun in the Room; Final Paperwork for Visa

Lauren completed her medical exam this morning for her US Visa application and had her TB test injection.  She did very well and was rewarded with a treat from the nurse as she did not cry or flinch getting the shot.

The kids also spent some time in the room as Cameron and Hannah made some pipe-cleaner men (complete with weapons: swords and AK-47's).

We also completed and handed in the last of the documents that our guide John will need for our visa appointment on Tuesday morning.  John will go in the morning with the paperwork for us and the Boothby's who are another family from FTIA we are traveling with.  Tuesday afternoon we will then go to the Consulate for taking the Oath to affirm all the information is correct on the paperwork we submitted.

We had lunch at a local Thai Restaurant "Cow & Bridge" and will venture out this afternoon to walk around the island and give the kids a chance to expend some energy as this is our first full day with sun and a temperature that is not freezing!

Cameron and Mom at Breakfast.
View from the room (taken by Hannah)
View by Hannah.
Picture of Lauren & Dad by Hannah

Making pipe-cleaner men.

Pipe-cleaner warriors.
Lauren already had the sound effects
of swords and gunfire down.

Hannah & Lauren enjoying the view.

First of several exam stations.

Getting candy for doing so well with the
TB Test.

Medical Exam Done!

Finishing up US Visa paperwork.

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