Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Photos and Lauren's Progress.

This morning we are hanging out around the hotel again as this afternoon we leave for the US Consulate around 2 PM for our Oath Ceremony.  Today it has been very overcast, foggy, and drizzling - it is also cold and windy.

Lauren is progressing well, our guide speaks with her and tells us she is very smart and is conversing at a level he believes is at least a 5 year old or older. We had him ask her if she is frustrated with us not understanding her and she told him no. Today, we started a little phase of her testing her limits, this is good as it lets us know she is starting to get comfortable with knowing she is staying with us. She is developing her English skills and repeats everything, it is also funny the way she adds an "a" to the end of some of the phrases such as:  "Gooda Bye", "Momia", "Dadia", "Camera" (for Cameron), Hannah is the only name she gets (it already ends with an A sound) "All Dona" (all done), Pleesha (please), and so on.

Everyone seems to be finally getting healthy again as each of the children have battled sinus colds and low grade fevers throughout the last week.

Here are some photos of Lauren taken over the past week:

Parade of Boats as seen from our room (from the Asian Games held back in November, one representing the various countries present at the games)

Foggy this morning looking out from our table at breakfast.

Shopping District Yesterday.

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