Friday, January 28, 2011

Family visit, Don Jose', & Cameron's New Suit!

Lately we have been just hanging out around the house getting healthy and all adjusting to our new life together.  We have really limited Lauren's exposure to external stimulus (people, restaurants, etc) to allow her time to attach & bond with us and get used to this new strange land, it's customs and language.

Today we had our California adopted family over to visit (the Prior's), they have been like brother & sister to us, uncle & aunt to our children, and cousins for the children. We enjoyed our time together and Hannah enjoyed playing dress-up and games with Annaliese (the two are only about a month apart in age).

Following our visit we went out to pick up Cameron's new suit and have a night our with dinner at one of our favorite local Mexican Restaurants - Don Jose'.

After getting home and putting the girls to bed Cameron tried on the suit and Kevin went over lessons on how to tie a Double Windsor (Kevin learned this skill in Catholic School).

Things are still progressing, communication is the biggest struggle and frustration for all of us - but Lauren is picking up more English comprehension each day, as we learn to understand each other things will continue to get better and better.

Hannah & Annaliese
Prior Family

Lauren w/stuffed dog toy.

Tying Lesson
New suit & new look for Cameron.

Kevin also taught Cameron the famous
"catching the football" modeling pose.

Don Jose' Mexican Restaurant.

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