Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lauren's Development & More Wedding Planning

Having already adopted an older child we were well aware of the development delays that are the product of institutionalization, so now that we have had Lauren at home more than 1-week and observed her trying to play or entertain herself with various toys we have a better understanding of her skill level.  Cognitively Lauren is about a 3-year old level so we are starting with some basic toddler toys and will be setting up her pre-school work accordingly. No doubt with her intelligence she will be at an age appropriate level in no time!

Working on the stacking & shape toys:

She is proud that she has now mastered them on her own!

One of her comfort mechanisms and
favorite pass-times, pulling and playing with
the hair on the back of her head.

Watching Dora - once she saw Dora put
the backpack on she ran and got her's
to put on and also kept pointing to the Dora
character on her jacket. (present from Eddie's mom)

Eddie, Amber, and Lynda went over to the the facility where we will having the reception following the wedding to test and select some of the food items.

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