Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chen Clan Academy/Museum & Red Couch Photos

This morning at breakfast we met a gentleman (Fred Meng) who is currently a professor in Beijing and had previously worked at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco.  He has translated several books from English to Chinese and recently translated a book on President Obama which he gave a copy to us and signed for our family.  He was an interesting and very nice man who was encouraging and so happy for our family that we adopted Hannah and Lauren from China. We then had the opportunity to have all three FTIA families together for a tour of the Chen Clan Academy/Museum and then in the evening for photos of the children on the famous White Swan Red Couches.  (Adoptive families that stay here have a tradition to take a photo of the children on the red couches located in the hotel lounge.)  Unfortunately at least one of the three kids were moving in each picture so someone is always blurry.

This is our final night in China (Lynda cheering in the background!).  We are anxious to get back home and start life as a family with Lauren at home.  Next time we come back to China we come back as tourist only and only bring home souvenirs! : )

Chen Clan Academy/Museum Entrance.

Artist using his fingers and side of palm to paint.  (the children loved watching him and we picked up one of his works and a bookmark he made)

Walk to the Shopping District (we had lunch at McDonalds).

Giant Chicken man at Shopping District.

Red Couch Photos:

Carr's, Boothby's, & Wesselman's

Lauren & Rebecca Boothby

Boothby Family

Cameron, Lauren, & Hannah

Lauren & Hannah

Wesselman Family

Chinese Junk in Pearl River below our room.

Cameron and other families took the ferry across the river, this
is a shot he took 1/2 across.


  1. LOVE the chinese junk in the pearl river!

  2. Great pics! Especially Cameron with his 2 little sisters! Love the shot from the ferry!

  3. Yay!! We finally made the blog!! Let me know if you have any good pics from the red couch...all of ours were blurry!