Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hanging out in the Room

Today we had a free day as one of the other families with our agency had their Consulate Appointment today.  Since the children have been all a little under the weather and we had rain most of last night and sprinkles this morning we decided to have a later breakfast (let everyone sleep in until almost 7 am).  We then just had soup for lunch in the room, watched "Despicable Me" on the laptop and let the kids play on the computers and their various video game players (Gameboy, PSP, Leapster).

We also took some time (mostly Lynda) to get things organized and our clothes laid our for the next two days (our last two here) so that we will not have so much to do to pack up on our last day.  Tomorrow we will be going to the Chen Clan Academy (Folk Art Museum & School) for a a tour.

Tonight we will take a little walk to see the lights and pick up some take out from Lucy's a local American Style food restaurant.

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