Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today was our first day back from China and Lauren's first day in her new home!  Things have been progressing well especially for Hannah and Lauren.  The two girls played most of the day together starting with Hannah's kitchen, Lego building blocks, then stuffed animals, followed by playing dress ups, dinosaurs, army men, and finally Olivia.

Today we have not seen any of the negative or stress related behaviors like twisting of her hair, rocking, or pinching her skin near her wrist.  She even ran to the door excited after Kevin returned from the store and later when Amber and Eddie arrived for dinner she ran to them squealing with delight.

When Hannah and Lauren were playing with the dinosaurs Lauren began to count them in Mandarin, Hannah started to teach her the English (which she caught on quickly to) and Hannah said, "I love being a big sister."

Here are some photos from today:

Lauren sleeping in, we placed a small mattress
in the master bedroom until Lauren gets a little
more comfortable to being here.

First breakfast at home.
She is fascinated with Nala. (not to sure
about Mia or Bear yet)

Hannah and Cameron Happy to be home:

Hannah and Lauren Playing together:

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  1. So glad to know you are ALL back! Precious pictures! Beautiful family! Will try to call soon!