Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sudden Change

As I've stated in many recent posts it's been hot!! This afternoon the clouds moved in, a wild wind
whipped up that created a huge dust cloud near the lake.  Then the thunder and lightening started,
and was soon followed by a deluge of rain.

You can see how heavy it is in this shot

Initially we enjoyed it coming down out front

It didn't just sprinkle, or rain a bit.  The sky seemed to open up and dump.  We were glad for the rain and the almost 10 degree immediate temperature drop we experienced, but the heavyness of the rain
created a problem as we haven't put the gutters up on the new roof over the back room addition.  It's
sitting out back waiting to go up when the stucco is done, which should happen this weekend.  So without the gutter it dumped a ton of water right by the house and wasn't draining away fast enough.
Especially, because we still had some building supplies blocking the flow and we suddenly had a threat of flooding in the back room. 

Too much  water too quickly!

Poor guys got soaked

Kevin and Cameron had to get out and move quickly to clear a path for the water to drain and add rock to block its ability to approach the entry door.  They managed to get this done and avoid a real mess. My heros !! 

So right after stuccos done gutters must go up!!   Considering the crazy and really bad weather in other parts of the country I really don't have anything to complain about.  This just added a bit of excitement to the day.

Had originally planned a boring post about seedlings I've started in the greenhouse to add to my garden.  Will save that for another day : )

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