Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Study in Contrasts

This weeks "cooler temperature" forecast.

These past few weeks have been really hot.  I'd posted awhile back how happy we were to get our new house air conditioner installed and have one up and running again.  The daily temps of 106 had us just melting.

Speaking of melting this is what's left of my 3 wick candle I had in the front sunroom. : (

Poor candle!!

The forecasters are calling for lower temperatures, but they've been wrong before.  This morning it was overcast so I took a stroll around the front yard to survey the damage.  The contrast I've listed is between plants that the heat, despite extra watering, are showing the damage of the intense sun and those that not only survive, but thrive in this.

This poor plant needs to be move so I don't lose it

The Angels Trumpet is fine close to the ground but fried on top

The fern is struggling her while the canna loves the heat
Water line was clogged and this oleander is a gonner

The bouganvilla and spanish lavender LOVE this heat!
My Mission fig is producing like crazy

Wisteria needs ANOTHER trim
 My Jungle:  Whole areas of the yard where the trees are established and offer shade I have plants that have just gone wild in their growth.  They will need to really be cleaned up and cut back when the temperatures cool this Fall.

My paths are disappearing in the overgrowth

The Breath of Heaven under the Jacaranda is unbelieveable!

So there we have the contrasts of my hardy heat lovers vs. my still hardy yet more temperature sensitive plants.  This Fall I think I'll make a lot of changes to be able to really cut back on water usage next Summer. I'll do this by eliminating or strategically placing the more delicate plants. Then cutting back and heavily mulching those that fair well so they look better, are healthier and can make do with less water.  Aw, another project for the "to do list"!!

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