Monday, August 27, 2012

Finding a Peaceful Place

Switzerland 1 of  "10 most peaceful places on earth" listed at their travel site

I seriously thought about titling this post "AARGH!!!"  I think every homeschooling parent has had this experience.   I love taking a summer break, but despite my best efforts to plan for review time to ease our way back into school I am always amazed at how many skills aquired last year have just been data dumped during our down time.

It leads to frustration for both the kids and definately for teacher, aka mom.  Planned progress gets set aside as a whole time now needs to be devoted to review and in some cases moving several steps back to recover lessons previously taught, but not remembered at all.  Actually if I think of all the things I've learned over a lifetime, but would be hardpressed to have to perform accurately now I shouldn't be surprised.  Still, it's easy to find yourself frustrated and so I gave myself a "time out" to
find a peaceful place so I stay calm as we learn : )

I typed into my computer "peaceful places" and found beautiful travel images or some that artists and photographers shared as their ideas.

Costa Rica

Tom Kretch Peaceful Photos Collection

Tom Kretch

Then I allowed myself the daydream of what I'll do to relax and recharge when we've made it through these lessons.

Spend time crafting

Read a good book

Schedules can be altered and adjusted to allow for these set backs right?  After all isn't this a benefit for homeschooling, to be able to personalize the subjects to cover the areas that each student is both strong or weaker in?  To take the time to master each so that a strong foundation is there to build on for future advancement.  Okay, now that mom is mentally recharged on with the school lessons!!

So how about it, am I alone or do other homeschoolers feel this way?


  1. I give you credit for having the patience to homeschool. My kids are on vacation and to get them to do a simple page of math revision needs alot of effort and I am thinking how do you do it on a regular basis?

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. As I said in my post I have to give me Mom "time outs" to collect my patience and decide on a new plan of approach (used this word rather than attack : ) ) for moving forward.