Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lazy Day

An artichoke of mine that went to flower in this heat

We took advantage of our Sunday to just relax and enjoy the day.  It was over 100 degrees again today so swimming in the afternoon was part of the plan to stay cool.  Hannah has been bolder in the water since watching the swimming events in the Olympics.  She'd always hated getting water on her face, but has been working to go under and stay as long as she can.  Lauren too tried out her ability to put her face into the water.

Hannah under water

Lauren holding her breath too

Then both had to show their progress swimming.

Hannah demonstrating her abilities

Lauren swimming on her own without fear - alot of progress for her

It was nice with all the activities we've had going on to just enjoy a relaxing day. Even Bea lounged around a lot today.



  1. What a lovely day of rest! And the girls are doing so well in the pool!! :)

  2. Way to go, girls! I think I need to grow artichokes to let flower - so pretty!

    1. They are really pretty, but I missed my chance for a good artichoke to eat here because of the heat!