Sunday, August 12, 2012

Heat Relief

A couple shots of the sunset from Kevin's phone, so not the best images, but they show the pretty sky we saw when we went out to use the jacuzzi last night and work out some sore muscles from all we've been doing.  Plus, we wanted to see if we could catch a view of shooting stars from the Persied Meteor Shower.  It was a bit cloudy from a late afternoon rain, and as those cleared out after dark we did see a few shoot across the skyline.

These last few weeks have been busy ones and we've managed to get a lot done.  By afternoon when you need a rest though it's been a bit uncomfortable with the outside temperatures being as hot as they've been.  Today is 107 again!!  As I have mentioned in past posts our old A/C unit blew awhile back and we have been making do with window units that have helped, but just don't cut it by late afternoon despite the fans we've set all around to move the cool air from the units throughout the house.

We have been really looking forward to the installation of our new house A/C unit and today we are finally enjoying that!!  What a difference it makes.  Andrew arrived last night with the unit as he had a large commercial job in San Diego that kept him all day, so he wound up installing it for us today.
We are so pleased to have it in and running!!!

Project updates. Kevin and Cameron finished the stucco on the side of the house. It just needs to cure completely and we'll paint it.

Kevin and Cameron adding stucco over scratch coat

Complete, just needs paint.

They also installed the new toilet in the kids bathroom yesterday and I put another poly coat on the counter. I just need to finish the paint on the cabinets and we're adding a mirror above the shower area to reflect the light and hopefully make the bathroom less cave like.  Have the supplies as of today just need to install.

New toilet going in, getting close to finishing!


  1. Do not envy you the heat factor! Look forward to the finished bathroom!

    1. I'm looking forward to the finished result too and maybe a break, even briefly from my project list : )