Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spreadable Butter

I know that seems a very strange title and subject, but for a family that uses butter as much as we do
it became a much needed item in the kitchen.  We don't use margarine and haven't for years, but butter has it's drawbacks when you want to spread it on bread and it's just came out of the refrigerator or worse the freezer because the person before you used up the last of the butter and neglected to get another stick out - these individuals will remain nameless at least at this time  : )

We have for some time had a container that held our stick of butter and sat ready to use on the counter.  We've never had a problem with it going rancid as it just plain gets used up too quickly!!Recently though with the heat, despite air conditioning and fans we have had an issue with it melting. I just hate keeping it in the frig and having a lump of butter that tears up your bread or won't spread on your bagel.   I know if this is all I have to complain about I'm doing pretty well!!

So, I decided to try the spreadable butters I see advertised.  While at the market a couple weeks ago I wandered the dairy isle and compared the brands and prices in relation to butter.  I wasn't thrilled that an 8oz. cup of spreadable butter ran as much as a pound of butter.  SOOO, on taking a closer look at the ingredients I decided I should be able to come up with my own, right?

Did some research and found blends that used oil alone, oil and water, or creamier sweeter ones with evaporated milk.  I decided for our needs now I'd use the combo I read on the prepackaged store ones.

Here it is:


2 Sticks softened butter
1/2 cup Canola Oil
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp salt

In mixer use your whisk to whip butter, then slowly add oil, water and salt.
Whip on high until smooth and creamy. Pour in storage container and refrigerate.

That's it!!


Blending Process

Final Product

The results have been great, the family likes it.  I can keep a container in the fridge and for those interested in the frugal side of this here's my numbers for store comparison.

Costco butter 3 pack  $7.99-  Divided by 3 that's $2.66 a pound.  This calls for half of that so $1.33
Costco Canola oil $9.25- 5 quarts. That's 160 oz and makes it .06 cents an ounce.  For our 2 oz. .12
Water and salt are negligible so total cost for recipe. $1.43.  Since I had the mixer and ingredients out I went ahead and doubled the amount for our use.  So 1 pound of this spreadable butter is $2.86.
With sales and coupons you might do better with a store brand, but in a pinch this isn't bad!!


  1. Great idea, Lynda! Will have to try it since I, too, have only used butter for years. Does it still really taste the same or just tastes a bit lighter? Any idea how long would it store in fridge or if freezable? Just in case I want to stock up! This would be very cost effective since it's only me using it! Hmmm... one pound doubled to 2! How much better could it get!

    I, too, have a "butter dish" on the counter, but since I'm gone all day, thus no AC while gone, it's tends to at least partially melt. And in the winter, it doesn't freeze, but sure isn't spreadable!

    1. It is freezable, lasts as long as butter would in the fridge. You could take advantage of a sale make a large batch and store in smaller containers for use and freezing.
      The taste is fine I don't notice a difference from butter, even Cameron my picky one loves it! If I want it a tad softer I'll get it out of fridge as I'm cooking and by dinner time it's especially "spreadable".