Saturday, August 4, 2012

Progress Continues

Kevin and Cameron began the process of putting on the scratch coat to the side of the house.  They stopped when the heat got just too intense.  It was well over 100 degrees today.

I got a second base coat of paint on the bathroom walls, then began the process of ragging on glaze.
Even though the technique is known as "ragging" I use pieces of plastic wrap or recycle pieces I cut from plastic grocery bags.

Base coat alone

Glaze over base coat

I'm using a paint/glaze specifically for sponge techniques or ragging such as I'm doing.  The company is Sponge Paint and this color is Beach.  It doesn't take much for the light effect I'm adding to the walls.  I pour  a couple tablespoons worth onto an old container lid then using my plastic bag piece dab it onto the walls moving the piece around to give a light muted effect. 

With glaze and base coat touch ups

If the color gets too dark I repeat this process, but use the base paint color to neutralize the darker tone of the glaze.  I just want a hint of the Beach color to highlight the texturing on the walls, but I don't want it too dark.  I finished about 1/2 the wall space for now.  So that's our progress today.

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