Friday, August 3, 2012

Let the Projects Continue

Last month I had a post project on hold, it was the outside we'd planned to stucco after adding the new roof to the back addition.  However, a birds nest with it's little ones put that on hold.  Then other activities continued to create delays.  So now Kevin and Cameron are back to business with this.

We pumped down the rain water barrel to be able to move it out of the way.  I still need to paint the left side of the house the green color I've been doing a bit at a time. Then remove what's left of  a volunteer tomato plant that has supplied us with a few extra tomatoes.  They want to get this done in the next few days as next weekend we're getting our new air conditioning unit.  Our old one literally blew up awhile back and we've been having to use window units to keep cool in this heat. Now that the purchase of our Florida home is complete we're ready to move forward with getting our new A/C unit.  So let the work begin.

Boards up and foam being added

They first put up board to attach the wire to then filled the center area with foam board for extra insulation.
Once that was up the wire went up.  That's the progress on their work today.  Now for me.

Wire's on and ready for scratch coat

After finishing the master bathroom I turned my attention to the kids/guest bathroom. Initially I thought I would replace the vanity with a cabinet and sink unit from Home Depot, as the counter really needed some help.
Sink and Vanity I'd been considering

With the results I had in our bathroom and the change to the counter and walls being such a hit with my family, I decided to change course and try something similar in this bathroom.

Sink area before

The walls have had a heavily textured finish with a glazing technique to give it an older plaster look.
The cabinets and towel bars in there all need a little TLC as well to improve their appearance.  So I removed all including decorations and pictures. Fixed holes, cleaned with some TSP and put a base coat of paint on the walls today.

Guest/Kids Bathroom Before


  1. You're a one-woman-remodeling-crew/energizer-bunny! :)

    1. Ha Ha Ha!! I Love the description and so does my family : ) Thanks.

  2. Looks so much lighter and fresher already!