Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color Layering

Now that the prep work has been done it's time to make the bathroom counter start looking like like the faux stone finish I want. So the first layer is a simple sponging on of a satin tan paint using the sea sponge.

Layer 1 - base with tan sponged on

The next was adding a little black glossy and coral glaze in light layers to add depth.  Once on I let it dry then added with the same sponge technique some of the base coat to tone down the colors and help blend for a softer look.

Layer 2 - adding a touch of black and rose with wet sponge for blending

Layer 2

Once this was dry I took a can of clear acrylic spray and sprayed in small areas then took gold and black very fine glitter to add some sparkle that you can find in many types of stone. I also sponged on a light amount throughout the surface of a glossy gold paint.  Once all this was dry it was time to soften the look and tone down the shiny effect for a more natural look.

Glitter goes on in layer 3

Layer 3 - you can see the glitter that needs to be toned down a bit

 I took my brush and added a very light touch of the base cream color paint in soft lines to simulate the lines often found in stone. Once I played with this a bit I also added a touch more of the tan paint I used in layer 1 to get the effect I wanted and was then satisfied with the results. Now it was on to adding layers of polyurethane.  I'm up to 3 right now, and will see by tomorrow if that seems to be enough.

Feathering in base paint to tone down glitter

Layer 4 with more mottled lines and less glitter action : )

Tan feathering and finished with 3 coats polyurethane

Finally, I put on a base coat of white to spruce up the cabinets that were in the bathroom and we plan to reuse.


  1. As a friend in an earlier post said...energizer bunny! This really looks great, Lynda...not something I am going to attempt though :)

    1. Thanks Guerrina,
      It's actually pretty easy just takes patience, not something I have in great abundance, having to wait for the layers to dry. You could do this easily with your abilities!!

  2. What a transformation.

  3. Hi Lynda! Wow, I am soo impressed!!! That bathroom counter great!!! Stone can be hard to duplicate and look natural. I think you succeeded!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come over and leave your sweet comment on my blog. I'm over the "incident" now, but feel so blessed by the resulting comments from all my friends. :)

    1. Karen - thanks for the compliment on my counter. As I said in my comment I've watched and been inspired by your abilities and blogging about them for some time and never commented, but when someone behaves in such a mean spirited way it is nice to add a bit of encouragement and mine is sincere! All the best to you as you move forward in your creativily inspired activities.

  4. Your energy is inspiring! :)

    1. Aw Anne, thank you for always being so consistently encouraging. It's appreciated more than you know!!