Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Spring Cleaning Challenge Post

This is the final post for the challenge we committed to at the beginning of the month. Though this will hardly be the last area of clearing up and cleaning out it is the final one for this month's official challenge.  It served it's purpose in getting me back to my beginning of the year commitment to organization.

  It has been really useful to get rid of clutter and be able to find things and just have messes gone.  This last post is a mess that was never supposed to be there in the first place.  In January we made a blog post called  "Lemonade" when our water line to the refrigerator had been leaking and ruined a good section of the kitchen floor.  After pulling it up we decided to lay a new kitchen floor.  The boards that were not messed up, because of the size of the kitchen would still cover a good section of flooring, so we set them in the back room as we dismantled the kitchen and they wound up sitting there for several months as we laid new flooring then moved on to other projects.

We've decided to save these to use in the shed once cleared out and use it as a pool cabana, because of it's close proximity to the pool area.  After moving the flooring for now to the garage I then just had to get the game room decluttered and gave it a quick cleaning.  Found I have room along the back wall area where I can add shelves to be able to store the kids DVD's for easier access in this movie and game area.

Finally, had to show this.  Hannah loves board games and has been after Kevin to play one with her. He's been so busy that he's had to keep putting her off. Finally on Saturday evening he committed to spending time with her on Sunday.  So Sunday morning after making her bed she set up the game complete with dolls to be her "helpers" and was all set for Kevin to be able to join her later in the day .  It was just cute to have dad sit there as she explained the rules, then play the game.  She proudly announced her victory at the end and even got him to join in again later that evening along with Cameron. 

Lauren was busy logging time watching educational DVD's as she played with her Legos. Not only does she enjoy this, but it's really helped her language skills.  She enjoys sharing what she's learned from her lessons.  I love the fact that she just thinks it's entertaining and isn't aware it's part of school!!  Sneaky mom : )


  1. Such wonderful things, all! I love the picture of Kevin playing. So sweet! Congratulations on all your completed projects and all the progress you've made!

    1. Thanks Anne, I was glad to make progress, but joining "challenges" isn't something I think I'll bother with again. : )
      I thought the game thing was sweet as well Hannah's prep for it and Kevin's participation.