Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Showers

What a difference a day makes!! Yesterday it was sunny and we had temperatures in the 80's. I took this picture on the front patio of a morning dove sitting peacefully on the block wall. We enjoyed some time checking out progress in the garden and the girls played in the yard.

Thankfully Kevin and Cameron got the last rows of shingles done on the roof and flashing last evening, because early this morning the rains started. The new roof will get a real test these next few days. So far it's doing great!

I was out before the sun to chase off some ducks that are trying to nest again!!  For the last 3 years they've shown up.  We have a rock scaped pool that looks like an inviting private lagoon to them. Last year we thought we'd chased them off only to be surprised  by finding 12 little ones with momma swimming around.   They are cute, but ohhhh sooo messy!!!

So this year we have been really trying to discourage them by running out and chasing them off when we hear them.  I took a photo of them 2 days ago lounging near the jacuzzi before I ran them off.

This morning I heard their quacking as they foolishly announced their arrival as they flew in.  I ran out and they flew off before I could take a photo of them swimming in the pool. SO, here's a shot of an empty pool with the rain coming down : )

I then took the opportunity to walk around and take a few shots of rain on flowers and the fog that is so thick you can't see the lake in the distance.  It's a good day to hunker down inside, have a fire and maybe do some baking.  And hopfully as the title states, these April showers will bring May flowers to the hills around us. That's always so beautiful.

Have a great day!!


  1. What a rich and varied environment--I love thinking about the beauty and wonder surrounding your precious family. :)

    1. The pictures of your family and their finds of bugs and critters on your property were amazing too!!