Saturday, April 28, 2012

Date Night

On Friday night's Cameron usually attends a young adults group, but since he chose not to go last night Kevin and I thought we'd take advantage to get out for the evening while he graciously watched the girls.  "Date nights", for us unless it's a special occasion will generally be dinner and a trip to Lowes.  I know how boring.  Not for us though since projects are a common interest.  It's a chance to get out, enjoy each other's company, talk at our leisure and maybe find an idea for the house that inspires or is needed.

Last night we had a nice Italian meal at Raviolis Osteria. I've included some images borrowed from their web site since I didn't make a point to bring my camera. It was really good, especially the creme brulee we couldn't resist for dessert!

Then instead of our usual trip to Lowes it was a fun filled cruise through Sam's Club to pick up items we were really short on.  Ah the joys of responsible parenting  : )

Today I got outside in the cooler morning to paint the rafter area around the new roof in preparation for Kevin and Cameron putting up fascia board and new guttering.  While I was busy with this the girls played with Hannahs remote control car then decided a game of tag was the best use for it. Kept them busy and burned some energy while I worked.

Have a great day!


  1. Your date nights sound like ours! :) Glad you had such a wonderful time together. It's amazing how refreshing just a few hours "off duty" can be.

    1. It is and it's an great time to reflect and plan. Oh I like your new updated photo. It's a great shot of you.