Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane

Have you ever had a time when a site, smell, sound or experience has triggered a series of memories?  This happened this morning when I stepped outside in the early morning chill.  It was particularly foggy and when the cold, damp breeze hit my face I was suddenly transported in my mind to a memory of when I was 6 and living in England. There were many cold mornings like this waiting for the school bus that came flooding back.  The times I'd get to the bus stop early to hand my few pence to the clerk at the corner sweet shop and buy salt and vinegar crisps to munch while waiting for the bus.

The walks down stone or brick alleys with friends or to the old Primary School before the new, modern one we took the bus to opened.  Memories of mincemeat tarts we were sometimes treated to at school when the upper grades had their home ec classes and baked these goodies. Remembering my best friend Wendy who lived with her parents across the street from us, and that I was 12 when I was last back to visit with them. Wendy was the one who helped me when while riding my bike I fell over the handle bars and split open my nose and upper lip.  How perfect that she grew up to be a nurse and is married with two grown kids of her own.

Semi-detached house like the one my best friend Wendy  lived in.

I remember the fisherman and his wife who would sell from the back of their truck the fish he caught and cooked along with chips.  They served them wrapped up in white paper with newspaper around each portion to keep them warm.  This was so delicious eaten with a bit of malt vinegar.

SOOOO many memories came rushing to mind that I got on the computer and looked up Eynsham to see what I could find.  I wouldn't know my way around the township today, but there are still historic buildings and charming classic old stone houses that I remember so well.  I spent a good hour online looking up sites around the town.

St. Leonard's on High Street, Downtown Eynsham

Cemetary behind St. Leonard's

  Visiting the website of the Upper Heyford Airbase where my dad was stationed when his squadron was reassigned there from France.  We lived in England for a year, before my dad left the Airforce and took a pilot position with Western Airlines in California.

High Street, Eynsham

1967 Picture of gate at Upper Heyford RAF Air Base

It was an amazing trip through a set of childhood memories and a particular place and time that was sparked by something as fleeting as a foggy morning breeze blowing across my face.

Street Scene in Eysham



  1. Oh my! What fun! I did not know this about you. I love the name of that little village. It sounds like something out of Tolkien's writings. How charming. :)

    1. Never thought about it, but it does doesn't it? Would love to visit again.